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Ruijie showed up at the CERNET annual meeting, color light technology drew a new blueprint for digital campus.

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Recently, the 28th / 29 academic Annual meeting of China Education and Scientific Research computer Network CERNET with the theme of "IPv6 next Generation Internet: key Technology Research and Development, Application Integration and Innovation" opened in Fuzhou. Ruijie Network was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a keynote speech, sharing the application of innovative technologies such as color light technology and digital twin technology, and showing the breakthrough and practice of Ruijie Network in the construction of digital campus in colleges and universities.

Leaders of relevant government departments, experts from the education industry, network technology experts and enterprise representatives gathered in the blessed state to discuss the research progress of key technologies such as the next generation Internet IPv6 and the new campus information technology, and jointly look forward to a new blueprint for the construction of digital campus.

Firmly choose the "light" base that is really suitable for digital campus.

Huang Zhen, general manager of Ruijie Network higher Vocational Education Department, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Color Light illuminates the Digital Campus Spectrum of the Campus Network". In Ruijie's view, the development of campus network has gone through three stages. In the era of 1.0, the wired network has developed rapidly; in the era of 2.0, the wireless network has gradually developed and matured; in the era of 3.0, with the continuous enrichment of teaching scenes and the increasing demand for business access, how to meet a variety of teaching scenarios, help teaching and scientific research reform, improve teaching experience, become a top priority, but also put forward higher requirements for the campus network. In this context, the establishment of a "multi-service integrated all-optical network" has become the consensus of network construction in colleges and universities.

With profound technical accumulation and market insight, Ruijie innovatively put forward a representative ethernet all-optical solution-minimalist all-optical solution 1.0, this "different all-optical network" broke the traditional understanding of all-optical network and realized Ethernet all-optical networking and elimination of most weak rooms through the innovative solution of fiber access + bandwidth exclusive + SDN. In 2021, the ultra simple light 2.0 scheme creatively introduced the color light technology, through a true two-layer Ethernet all-optical network, realized the sink node completely passive, weak electricity zero maintenance. In 2022, Ultra simple Optical 3.0 inherits the Ethernet color light technology, integrates the wavelength division multiplexing technology of color light with the switch at the core side, brings a brand-new hyperaggregation product, and with the help of SDN technology, constructs an all-optical network with high integration, stability and reliability, flexible adaptation and simple operation and maintenance.

Over the past three years, the Ruijie minimalist Ethernet all-optical solution has continued to evolve. Behind paving this network "highway" for colleges and universities, Ruijie and its customers have experienced fierce argumentation and repeated experiments. Among them, one of the key considerations is: what kind of standard should we choose to build an all-optical network?

Ruijie has experienced both customer demand-driven and thoughtful consideration in the decision-making process. Two major factors are mainly considered, one is the agreement and the maturity of the supply chain. It is expected that 800G Ethernet will be commercialized on a large scale by 2025. According to the forecast of IDC data, the market size of commercial Ethernet switching chips in China will reach about 17.14 billion yuan in 2025. It can be seen from the data that the Ethernet standard is mature enough and is still at the key point of rapid development. The second is the friendliness of Ethernet to business support. With the burst of high-performance demand services, high-demand scenarios such as all-wireless campus network, data center, IP audio and video will be generated in the future, while the Ethernet standard has a good support for high-performance services. Based on the important considerations of the above factors, Ruijie unswervingly chooses the Ethernet standard.

From the advent of version 1.0 to the innovation of version 3.0, the minimalist ethernet all-optical solution has been widely verified and recognized in the practice of 2000 + customers in education, and other industries.

Breakthrough Color Light Technology to construct Middle-layer passive High-bandwidth Campus Network

In the 3.0 era of campus network, Ruijie aims at three major directions of campus network: simple connection, high experience and high security. Color light technology is a kind of optical network communication technology realized by wavelength division multiplexing (WDM). Ruijie paid attention to the characteristics of high bandwidth, low delay and passive intermediate equipment of color light technology, and finally creatively applied color light technology on a large scale in campus network through repeated exploration and breakthrough.

In the application of traditional optical communication, one optical fiber can only carry the optical carrier signal of one channel. once there is a large amount of service information, it needs to lay a large number of optical fibers, which is a great challenge to the wiring space and cost. Color light technology divides the band with the lowest propagation loss in 20nm into 18 transceiver channels, which can transmit different service signals through one optical fiber, and the transmission efficiency is improved by 8 times.

The Ruijie simple optical transparent convergence scheme uses color light technology, through passive equipment such as transparent convergence and hyperpolymerization modules, to help the sink nodes become completely passive, greatly improve the transmission efficiency, and reduce the wiring cost between the central computer room and each building. The deployment of the extremely simple light 3.0 color light scheme can completely realize the passive of the weak electric room from the building to the floor, at the same time, save the IT computer room of the floor, help the school to maximize the utilization space, solve the trouble of nowhere to install the convergence equipment and the management of the intermediate node, and build a passive high-bandwidth campus network in the middle layer. Different from the splitting and bandwidth limitation of the POL scheme, the color light scheme is a point-to-point exclusive mode, which ensures that the access side exclusively enjoys the 1:1 gigabit / 10 gigabit bandwidth to meet the needs of high-performance services.

Ruijie Network is continuously pushing forward the roller of color light technology, allowing a single fiber to carry more data communications, while deeply studying the innovative and unique two-way transmission mode. committed to the campus network construction towards a more intensive, higher-speed direction.

Innovative Technology to build a Campus Network with High experience and High Security

In addition to bringing breakthrough color light technology, Huang Zhen also demonstrated the three high experience innovations that digital twin technology brings to campus Wi-Fi in his keynote speech.

The twin roaming track playback function of Ruijie WIS network brings a "good way to break the situation" for such problems as "it is difficult to trace back after an anomaly in the wireless network". The roaming track playback function can play back the roaming track in the way of terminal mobile track animation on the plan view, and can directly see which AP the terminals with abnormal network conditions are connected to, and accurately find out where the problem lies. The key indicators of the front and rear motion trajectory, real-time signal strength and roaming switching of the terminal are clear, and the specific position error of roaming is less than two meters, which can solve the problem of network quality decline caused by 80% of the roaming in the existing network.

The smart antenna positioning technology of Ruijie Wireless AP realizes the mutual perception and ranging measurement between AP. Users only need to manually confirm the initial three AP locations, and all remaining AP locations will automatically calibrate the positioning, generate the relative position of the surrounding AP, generate a two-dimensional view, and save more than 80% of the implementation cost. Help customers better plan the layout and coverage of the wireless network, improve the quality of service of the network, and improve the experience of key terminals.

At the same time, through the AI algorithm, the relative position model between AP is more accurate. When the new AP is added for the mobile replacement of the equipment, the IT personnel can update it with one click and calculate the latest point distribution, which makes it easier to maintain.

In terms of network security, Ruijie is committed to building a campus network with higher security protection capabilities and more comprehensive detection and defense capabilities. Taking Shanghai Maritime University as an example, Ruijie designed the overall scheme and structure for the school's "mining Trojan horse renovation project". The use of flow detection and firewalls and other related equipment linkage threat intelligence to identify the school north-south mining flow; the use of network equipment for Sflow sampling to identify the school east-west mining flow; to achieve the accurate and comprehensive detection of mining Trojans. At the same time, based on the network + security linkage, after the mining flow is found, the flow link between the poisoned host and the mining pool is blocked at the first time, and the fast and effective isolation blocking is realized.

For more than 20 years, Ruijie has come all the way to today by virtue of its technological accumulation in ploughing the education market, and its relationship with customers of higher education is more like "teachers and students". While going deep into the higher education scene to solve customer problems creatively, Ruijie is also growing based on customer trust and co-creation. Today, Ruijie has walked side by side with more than 2600 colleges and universities, writing the digital reform of education in every corner of the campus. In the future, under the condition of digital transformation, Ruijie will continue to provide new campus information technology and easy-to-use solutions for the high-quality development of higher education, and write a new chapter for the construction of digital campus.

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