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BOE ( plans to build the first 8.6th generation AMOLED production line in China to start a new era of OLED industry.

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Shulou( Report--

On November 28, BOE Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd.(BOE A: 000725; BOE B: 200725) issued an announcement to invest and construct BOE (BOE) 8.6 generation AMOLED production line project in Sichuan Province with the investment platform designated by Chengdu High-tech Zone in Chengdu City High-tech West District, which is also the first 8.6 generation AMOLED production line in China. The construction period of the project is about 34 months, with a total investment of 63 billion yuan. The design capacity is 32,000 glass substrates (size 2290mm×2620mm) per month, mainly producing high-end touch OLED displays such as laptops and tablets. The project will effectively meet the growing market demand for IT-type OLED displays and promote the OLED display industry to rapidly enter the medium size development stage. This is a new milestone for China's OLED industry with the world's leading technical strength after BOE (BOE) took the lead in mass production of China's first 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line, and opened a new era for OLED industry development.

BOE 8.6 generation AMOLED production line project can process larger substrate size, effectively improve the slicing efficiency of medium size products and reduce production cost. At the same time, by adopting OLED new display technology, BOE (BOE) 8.6 generation AMOLED production line can effectively improve the preparation process of backplane and OLED light-emitting devices, with lower power consumption and longer life, and more suitable for the use requirements of medium and size IT products. As the relevant technology has achieved stable mass production on mobile phone products, and BOE's experienced high-level technology R & D team will also provide strong guarantee for project construction and rapid mass production, BOE's 8.6th generation AMOLED production line project has natural advantages in terms of mass production timeliness and production efficiency improvement.

At present, consumers put forward thinner, lighter and more portable use demands for notebook computers and tablet computers, pushing IT products to continuously push forward to flexible flat, folding, curling and even free form, bringing broad market prospects for medium size OLED display products. Omdia data shows that OLED notebook panel shipments in 2022 are about 6 million, up 19% year-on-year. According to DSCC, OLED will increase to 44 million pieces in the high-end IT market at a compound annual growth rate of 51% by 2026, and OLED displays will occupy 75% of the high-end IT market share. BOE (BOE) 8.6 generation AMOLED production line project will effectively meet consumers 'demand for thin and portable IT products, while promoting OLED technology innovation, but also driving the iterative upgrading of downstream notebook and tablet products.

It is understood that BOE (BOE) 8.6th generation AMOLED production line project has a total investment of 63 billion yuan, and 38 billion yuan of registered capital of the project company has been raised by means of co-construction between BOE and Chengdu City, of which BOE and other proportions have been raised and increased to 19.9994 billion yuan. Chengdu City raised and increased capital to RMB 18.006 billion through investment platforms-Chengdu City Major Industrialization Project Phase I Equity Investment Co., Ltd. and Chengdu High-tech Zone Electronic Information Industry Development Co., Ltd. The difference between total investment and registered capital of RMB 25 billion yuan shall be solved through bank loans of the project company. Through joint construction, the source of construction funds can be effectively guaranteed.

Since the construction and mass production of China's first 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line, BOE (BOE), as the leader of OLED industry, has been committed to promoting the development of OLED industry in China and even the world. The construction of BOE 8.6 generation AMOLED production line will further enhance the technical level of China's display industry and is of great significance to promoting the optimization and upgrading of semiconductor display industry. At the same time, BOE (BOE) also issued an announcement on the same day announcing that it plans to change the use of about 500 million shares in the repurchase special securities account, changing "for implementing the company's equity incentive plan" to "for cancellation and corresponding reduction of registered capital," so as to effectively improve the return on investment of shareholders and maintain the value of the company by further improving the earnings per share level. In the future, BOE (BOE) will continue to uphold respect for technology and persistence in innovation, continue to lead the global display industry to innovate and upgrade, and promote the steady development of the industry in a healthy, green and sustainable direction.

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