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Xiaomi Redmi Watch 4 released: equipped with OS and supporting cross-end interconnection of watches, the price is 499 yuan

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Thanks to netizen Xiao Zhan for the clue delivery! November 29 news, is holding the 10th anniversary of Redmi and K70 series of new products conference, Redmi Watch 4 watch officially unveiled, the price of 499 yuan, adapted to Android / iOS: click here to see. learned from the press conference that the Redmi Watch 4 watch features a 1.97in AMOLED square screen that supports 600nit's highest brightness, LTPS low power display and visual quadrilateral design. Officially, the Redmi Watch 4 is Redmi's first metal watch with an alloy frame and a bright metal chamfer, with a photoelectric rotation sensor on the metal crown.

In addition, Redmi Watch 4 adapts to the trend of quick removal wristband, metal, leather, fabric, a variety of materials to choose from, providing 200 + fashion dial. Redmi Watch 4 is equipped with the new Xiaomi OS system, supports focus information reminders and watch cross-end Zhaopin, and can control more smart devices with one hand.

According to officials, the watch is equipped with 470mAh battery, typical mode life up to 20 days, with "large screen, high brightness, low power consumption, long range" features, carried out a "leapfrog upgrade".

In terms of functionality, the watch supports 150 + sports mode, independent GNSS outdoor running, and 5ATM swimming waterproof. In addition, the product also supports the new 4-channel PPG sensor, which supports round-the-clock heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep pressure monitoring, breathing training, women's health and so on. Xiaomi Redmi Watch4499 yuan direct link

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