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Three TP-LINK WiFi 7 routers are on the shelves: BE3600-BE6500

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! According to on November 29, the product pages of three TP-LINK WiFi 7 routers are now on the shelves and are expected to go on sale in the near future, with specifications of BE3600, BE5100 and BE6500, with a list price of 319,369,729 yuan respectively, and the initial price is expected to be slightly lower. collates the parameters of the three TP-LINK WiFi 7 routers as follows:

The new BE3600 router dual-band 3600Mbps, support dual WAN port overlay and dual LAN port aggregation, support Wi-Fi 7 new features MLO dual-frequency overlay.

The new BE5100 router dual-band 5100Mbps supports Xtra Range 2.0 technology, allowing 5GHz band coverage to increase by 4.5m or through an extra wall. The interface includes a 2.5G network port and three gigabit network ports, which support custom ports.

The new BE6500 router dual-band 6500Mbps, equipped with four 2.5G network ports, WAN, LAN adaptive, quad-core A53 1.5GHz processor, equipped with 6 external independent FEM. TP-LINK BE3600 WiFi7 gigabit dual band wireless router 319 yuan direct link TP-LINK BE5100 WiFi7 gigabit dual band wireless router 369 yuan direct link TP-LINK BE6500 WiFi7 gigabit dual band wireless router 729 yuan direct link

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