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American intern insight: the average internship is 18.3 weeks, and the recommendation rate of four companies, including Apple Deloitte, is 100%.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) resume platform recently analyzed data on intern recommendations on Glassdoor, reporting that more than 1/5 of American college students will start internships before entering full-time jobs.

These internships, which last an average of 18.3 weeks, are a time-tested way for students to gain work experience, connect with colleagues and improve their social and professional skills.

But the internship in the United States is not without controversy. In the United States, nearly 1/2 of interns are unpaid, unpaid interns get fewer job opportunities than paid interns, and when they start work, they are paid less. In addition, women and people of color are less likely to participate in paid internships.

According to statistics on Glassdoor, interns from apple, the university of southern California, Riot Games and Deloitte have a 100% recommendation rate in the Los Angeles area, citing high pay, flexible working hours, friendly colleagues and other factors.

Other data attached to the report by are as follows:

Salesforce, a technology company, is the best company for an internship in the United States-almost all (99.22%) of interns recommend it to friends (the highest percentage of all companies).

Other top technology companies with high internship recommendations include Adobe (98.79%), Autodesk (97.44%) and eBay (97.35%).

In the financial sector, Aflac has the lowest score, with only 43.26% of interns recommending it to friends (the lowest percentage of all companies).

In the study, measured how many interns said they would recommend their internship to friends through their Glassdoor comments.

The team first compiled a seed list of the 10000 most popular Glassdoor companies operating and / or hiring in the United States. They filtered out companies with fewer than 1000 employees and fewer than 500 comments, forming a select list of 4404 companies.

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