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Microsoft reviews the new features of Excel in November: adding "workbook links", introducing GROUPBY and PIVOTBY functions, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- November 30, Microsoft recently issued a press release reviewing the features introduced for Excel applications in November this year.

One of them is to add the Workbook links panel, Microsoft said: "the workbook link task window improves the experience and reliability of handling linked files, including the long-requested 'find' feature to help you determine where the link is used."

Microsoft also invited Microsoft Insiders members to test Excel's new GROUPBY and PIVOTBY functions on Windows and macOS platforms. You can use a single formula to aggregate data, and users only need to enter three parameters: the grouping basis, the value to be aggregated, and the function to be used for aggregation.

Microsoft officials say GROUPBY and PIVOTBY are lightweight, fully descriptive, automatically updated, and can rely on other computing results. They also use the lambda function for aggregation, unlocking new aggregation capabilities.

The web version of Excel adds more Trendline Equation Formatting controls, including numbers and font / fill / outline formats in the chart formatting task pane. previously reported that Microsoft has introduced new features for Loop users to make it easier for users to automatically export forms created in Loop to Excel.

When the team works together to advance the project, team members can choose to add Loop tables to collect data and perform relevant calculations.

Users can now export these tables to Excel applications to facilitate subsequent related operations. To ensure compatibility, Loop's table data types are mapped to the relevant format after they are imported into Excel.

The process is simple: Microsoft business users can go to, create a new table or open an existing table, click the six-point menu on the table, and then select the "Export to Excel" option.

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