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How does a novice become an "old driver"? Ask the boundary M5 to know.

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I finally found a parking space in the crowded street, but I had to give up because the parking space was too narrow and difficult to park. I believe that many car owners have experienced this kind of awkward situation of "can't park". Especially for novice car owners, it may even cast a shadow on parking. Maybe there is a car that can be easily done, and the M5, which is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, not only gives you a complete farewell to parking, but also brings you a safer and smarter driving experience.

One click to cure parking anxiety parking is no longer a problem

Parking is always a big problem for beginners. With the blessing of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-level intelligent driving system, the M5 can be parked as soon as it is visible, and the intelligent driving technology is no longer limited to crossed parking spaces, even if it is a broken road and a very narrow parking space. The parking problem that used to be the biggest headache is now an one-click operation to completely say goodbye to parking anxiety. There will no longer be the trouble of having no choice but to find a parking space because of technical problems.

In addition, the M5 also has the function of remembering parking at a glance, and is equipped with valet parking assistance. Only need to complete the parking when entering the warehouse for the first time, after entering the parking lot again, activate the valet parking assistance function, ask the boundary M5 will automatically find the target parking space and complete the parking. When the target parking space is occupied, it will also use its "smart brain" to automatically find other available parking spaces and complete parking without user operation. With this function, as long as you go back to the parking lot after work every day, you can start to be lazy, release your tired body and mind ahead of time, and save time and comfort.

Equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-level intelligent driving system, M5 not only solves the problem of urban parking, but also brings a safer driving control experience for drivers. When driving a car on a city road, the line of sight is often blocked by buildings, green belts and buses on both sides, resulting in a blind area. at this time, pedestrians, non-motor vehicles or other vehicles suddenly cross, which will often lead to traffic accidents. On the other hand, the M5 has a leading multi-sensor fusion sensing system, which can accurately identify the "ghost probe" and emergency brake to avoid accidents, even when the other side of the lane is dazzling and the driver's field of vision is blocked.

Auto House has held an active safety duel before. In the ghost probe test, the M5 version achieved the highest 70km/h performance, while the ideal L7 Max, which participated in the showdown, could only succeed at the low speed of the 40km/h. The significance of achievement lies not only in data, but also in actual travel safety, and a tragedy can be avoided in minutes and seconds.

Hongmeng Intelligent cockpit 3.0 your exclusive "Smart Mobile Space"

The improvement of the intelligent level of the car has virtually increased our time in the car, and the space in the car has gradually become the second home. I believe that many migrant workers have the experience of working in a car. In order to "rush to work", they often switch their mobile phones and computers back and forth, and their sense of experience is very poor. The Hongmeng intelligent cockpit 3.0 carried by the M5 is equipped with dual-screen collaborative function, so that the computer and the computer can be seamlessly connected to form two desktops, no matter editing or consulting data, it will be more convenient and improve office efficiency.

Not only that, Hongmeng intelligent cockpit 3.0 also has the industry's first HUD height adaptive adjustment and rearview mirror automatic adjustment function, the vehicle starts 0.5s can quickly identify and complete the eyeball positioning, the HUD quickly and automatically adjust to the best height, click the brake, the rearview mirror outside the car will automatically adjust to the best angle, the whole operation in one go, comfortable and convenient. In terms of caring about "you", you may occasionally be careless, but M5 is always online.

The HUAWEI MagLink magic suction car interface, which is full of interesting values, is even more playful. Attach the Pad to the back of the seat, and when the child is noisy, parents can choose the appropriate content in the front row for the child in the back row, so that the child can be quietly immersed in the video. Parents can also adjust the brightness, volume and other details for the back row, lock the screen, and grasp the use time of the back screen. In this way, the children are happy and the parents are more relaxed.

The debut of the M5 will inject wisdom into the details of the user's life, which is not only effective and intelligent, but also full of human interest. Car intelligence has become an irresistible global trend. I believe that the brand will inject more vitality into the development of China's automobile industry.

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