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New breakthroughs in HFS technology, CR2000:1 shows "new highlands" on MNT

2024-04-13 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

Full screen strength, hard core leading. TCL Guangzhou t9 production line is the first high-generation production line specialized in producing high-end IT and professional display products in China. Its products have been equipped with HFS technology independently developed by TCL Huaxing, and mass production was realized in April. HFS technology adopts negative liquid crystal plus light matching technology, with H-HFS new pixel structure design, which has obvious advantages over traditional technology in terms of transmittance, contrast and power consumption.

Recently, TCL Huaxing HFS MNT technology has been innovated and upgraded again. On the basis of ensuring low energy consumption of HFS technology, the contrast ratio has been improved to CR2000:1, and then MNT displays "new heights."

Re-innovation of technical scheme makes it possible to improve the contrast ratio by leaps and bounds

Compared with TCL Huaxing's HVA technology with high contrast, high curvature, high refresh and fast response (referred to as "three high and one fast"), HFS, which is also independently developed by Huaxing, is famous for its excellent viewing angle and low energy consumption. In contrast, the pre-upgrade HFS technology is adequate for most people's viewing needs, but it falls short when compared to HVA technology. Moreover, with the rapid development of e-sports industry, the diversified scenes, props, play methods and resources of games show the trend of continuous expansion and rapid iteration, which puts forward higher requirements for the contrast of display products as the core of visual interaction.

In order to solve the contrast enhancement problem of HFS technology in the field of MNT, TCL Huaxing t9 R & D team, after long-term exploration and practice, put forward a technical scheme for improving the transmittance, which can effectively improve the luminous efficiency of bright state by 10%-15% , creating conditions for the leap upgrade of HFS MNT technology contrast to 2000:1.

New design of liquid crystal materials balances high contrast with low energy consumption

Theoretically, high contrast liquid crystal materials need to reduce the scattering coefficient of liquid crystal materials by increasing the K value and decreasing the refractive index. Low scattering and high contrast liquid crystal materials will increase the driving voltage of LCD and reduce the transmittance, thus increasing OC power consumption and backlight power consumption, resulting in increased module power consumption.

In practical development, increasing the elastic coefficient K of liquid crystal materials and reducing the birefringence Δn can effectively reduce the scattering of liquid crystal light, thus improving the contrast. However, such low scattering and high contrast liquid crystal materials require larger driving voltages and lower light transmittance, resulting in increased OC and backlight power consumption.

Therefore, in the process of leapfrogging and upgrading HFS technology, the technical team needs to solve the contradiction between improving contrast and ensuring low energy consumption. After many attempts, the t9 R & D team developed a new pixel design scheme, combined with negative liquid crystal materials with low drive voltage, to reconstruct the core advantages of HFS MNT technology with high contrast and low energy consumption.

t9 R & D team launched the transmission rate improvement technology solution, so that high contrast liquid crystal in 4mask process, achieve contrast improvement at the same time can achieve high transmission rate, reduce liquid crystal Vop by 1.0 V, and reduce module power consumption by 20%. Furthermore, the increased penetration means that DEBF membranes can be reduced, further optimizing throughput and process costs.

Integrating high contrast and low energy consumption, HFS MNT technology will bring consumers a brand-new experience of long battery life and high efficiency and energy saving after landing.

Adhere to the background of innovation and strive to build the world's leading technology

Innovation is the first driving force leading development. Every technological change affects the progress and development of social civilization. TCL Huaxing, rooted in the semiconductor display industry, has always adhered to the background of innovation. With the attitude of facing difficulties, TCL has been improving its technology, constantly creating the world's leading technology and lighting up the ideal life of consumers around the world. The upgraded HFS MNT technology will be gradually incorporated into the mass production plan. Innovative science and technology enable, the future display is more worth looking forward to!

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