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Microsoft XGP has been stocked with two games: "relic 1gamma 2"

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Shulou( Report--

Thank you for the handwritten clues delivered by netizens! November 30 news, Microsoft today quietly added "relic: ash rebirth (Remnant)" and "relic 2 (Remnant 2)" to the Xbox Game Pass game library, including the Xbox host and the PC platform.

It is reported that the "relic" series of games is a multiplayer cooperative soul action FPS, in which human survivors are trapped in a terrible world against "evil monsters and divine enemy leaders." Players can fight alone or work with two friends to stop evil from destroying the real world. also found that the world of the series of games uses a dynamic generation mechanism, and each time it enters the game will be different. In addition, players can create new maps and design encounters, quests, and game events with enemies.

Game picture reward:

Screenshot of ▲ "ruins: the rebirth of Ashes" game

▲ "relic 2" game screenshot related reading:

"Action adventure games are officially on sale today: starting from RMB 245 in Steam, with a favorable rating of 85%."

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