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BMW and Mercedes-Benz set up a joint venture in China to build a supercharging network

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 30, according to official BMW Group news, brilliance BMW Co., Ltd. and Mercedes-Benz (China) Investment Co., Ltd. have announced the signing of a cooperation agreement to form a joint venture in China at a share ratio of 50:50 to operate a supercharging network in the Chinese market to meet the growing demand for luxury charging services from Chinese customers.

By the end of 2026, the joint venture plans to build at least 1000 technologically advanced supercharging stations and about 7000 supercharging piles in China. The first batch of charging stations are scheduled to start operation in China's key new energy vehicle cities from 2024, and the subsequent construction of charging stations will also cover other cities and regions of the country.

The joint venture's charging network will be open to the public. According to the plan, customers of BMW and Mercedes-Benz will enjoy exclusive premium services, such as plug-and-play charging, online booking and other seamless digital charging experiences. In addition, the joint venture plans to purchase renewable energy electricity as conditions permit to provide Chinese customers with a sustainable luxury charging experience. learned from the announcement that the establishment and operation of the joint venture is subject to the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities.

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