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Capcom will be off the shelves in January next year and interact with Sonic in the game "Monster Hunter: rise".

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Thank you for the handwritten clues delivered by netizens!, Nov. 30 (Xinhua)-- Capcom tweeted today, announcing the removal of linked DLC content from the game "Monster Hunter: rise" in January next year.

Capcom said in a tweet that cooperation with Sonic the hedgehog, Universal Studios and Fairy Rock Park in Japan will no longer be available after January 21, 2024. Note: Capcom added relevant DLC content to the Monster Hunter: rise game in November 2021, including Elu cat Sonic skin, Tooth Hound Tars skin and Hunter Sonic costume.

Capcom said that the linkage cooperation between the two sides is about to expire, and the linkage content will no longer be provided in the future, but players who have downloaded the corresponding tasks and received linkage rewards can continue to use the linkage products.

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