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Meizu MYVU smart glasses released: only weighs 43g, the price is 2499 yuan

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Fat Cat, Xiao Zhanche for the clue delivery!, November 30, at the 2023 Meizu fall unveiled its new smart glasses brand MYVU, along with two all-weather fashion AR smart glasses-flagship product MYVU Discovery and extreme lightweight AR glasses MYVU, which is lighter and more stylish, priced at 2499 yuan, and goes on sale today.

MYVU smart glasses weigh only 43g, making them the lightest smart glasses in the world. Compared with the Discovery version, MYVU smart glasses also have a more stylish appearance, support personalized customization services, and also have a wide range of colors to choose from, including classic hawksbill turtle × natural texture, each pair of MYVU AR smart glasses is unique.

MYVU smart glasses use Micro LED solid color light engine, which is only the size of 4 1 yuan coins. It also uses the industry's first volume-produced optical waveguide resin lens with a light transmittance of 90%. Equipped with 0.5mm superlinear double loudspeakers, it is the first AR glasses to obtain QQ quality certification.

For myopic users, MYVU and PhD glasses provide professional glasses matching services, one-stop solution to the rigid demand of "the last kilometer of AR glasses". At the same time, both MYVU and MYVU Discovery support optional sunglasses.

According to, both MYVU Discovery and MYVU AR smart glasses are equipped with the FlymeAR system. With the blessing of the Flyme AI model, MYVU can become an intelligent personal assistant in the user's travel, work, life and entertainment scenes, and work with hand cars to create a multi-terminal, full-scene, immersive ecological experience.

MYVU Ring is an exclusive interactive ring for MYVU AR glasses, which is made of ceramic and stainless steel. You can listen to music, browse videos, reply messages and so on by moving your fingers. Ring interaction, together with Mirror leg interaction, App interaction and Aicy voice interaction, brings users all-weather multimodal interaction.

Compared with the Discovery version, MYVU smart glasses can not watch video, other aspects are basically the same.

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