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Nashi S ushered in the 1.7.1 version OTA update: added Sentinel mode and one-click remote parking and other functions

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the delivery of the clues saved by kindly asking!, November 30 (Xinhua)-- Nashi car CEO Zhang Yong announced today that the Naxi S model will usher in its sixth OTA upgrade this year, with 12 new features and 23 experience optimizations.

The is summarized as follows:

New "Nezha Guardian": after leaving the car and power off, the vehicle will monitor the surrounding environment in real time and guard the safety of the vehicle. When pedestrians approach or vehicles vibrate abnormally, the automatic recording video will be saved on U disk and can be viewed in the car photo album. When an abnormal vibration occurs, the vehicle will also sound the horn and light the warning, and send the abnormal notification and video to the mobile phone App. (it is suitable for 22 all-series models, 24 650AWD versions, 715 lidar versions, and the rest models will be launched later)

One-button remote parking online (still Beta version): the vehicle can be parked through the mobile phone App, and the forward and backward of the vehicle can be controlled.

The map shows the traffic light: the countdown information of the traffic light is added to the map.

Car search: you can quickly find a car by viewing photos of the surrounding environment of the vehicle through App. (applicable to 24 models except Lite version)

Mobile phone remote control car OTA: through which car App, you can choose to upgrade immediately or book an upgrade.

Add multimedia, one-click shouting, interesting sound effects and other functions. (only supported when the speed is 0km/h)

Vehicle lighting can be accompanied by real-time music rhythm to form a "real-time lighting show". (supports QQ Music, Thunder stone KTV, Bluetooth and other audio sources)

Add "track mode", which provides three different options: adaptive mode, drift priority mode and private customization mode. (among them, adaptive and drift modes are only suitable for all-wheel drive models.)

The vehicle can now display direction, altitude and temperature outside the vehicle.

Add QQ Music, Himalayan and other App to the assistant driver screen.

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