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People familiar with the matter said Blizzard had negotiated the return of national service with NetEase and Tencent, and Tencent Games responded.

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Thank you netizen Mr. Aviation for the clue delivery! november 30 news, according to the paper news report, today tencent's "magic cube studio" suspected in station B for world of warcraft related live broadcast, as of the issue, the live broadcast has been suspended, but still can see "world of warcraft" related logo.

The report also said, Recently from informed sources exclusively learned, Blizzard has been in and including Netease, Tencent and many other game manufacturers to negotiate the return of the national service matters, But there is no confirmed partner and specific return time, Tencent has not responded to this matter. According to public information, Rubik's Cube Studio is one of the four studio groups of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Business Group.

Later today, Tencent Games responded that the matter was only a live test and had ended. In addition, people close to Tencent said that the cube is Tencent's self-research studio, will not act as an agent for external products, rumors are inaccurate. However, Tencent did not directly respond to whether it would act as Blizzard's national service.

It is worth mentioning that since the cooperation between Netease and Blizzard expired, Blizzard has been in a state of suspension and shutdown of the simplified Chinese official website of Blizzard. It was possible to log back in on the afternoon of November 24. After logging in to the site, desktop and mobile apps can already be downloaded, but the download speed is slow. And the site will crash from time to time. notes that Blizzard has not given up looking for the next national service agent since November 2022, when it announced that it had "held talks with a number of potential partners," but there is no final offer. On July 15 this year, Blizzard President Mike Ybarra responded positively to questions about Blizzard's game national service in a live broadcast, Mike Ybarra said: "I really want the Chinese server to return as soon as possible, believe me, I will do my best to achieve this." "

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