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How can agricultural enterprises make good use of digital "new agricultural tools"? Mei set a good example!

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Shulou( Report--

The taste is soft and glutinous, and it smells a little strange, but it conquers thousands of taste buds of foodie with its unique flavor and various practices. This is the delicious food under the dark-preserved eggs. Over the years, with the joint efforts of researchers and enterprises, the production technology of preserved eggs has been continuously upgraded, gradually upgrading from manual production in the workshop to semi-mechanized large-scale production. In Nanchang Xiaolan Jingkai District, there is a provincial leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, which integrates product research and development, production, sales and breeding, and specializes in producing pine flower preserved eggs-Jiangxi Mei Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Mei").

Adhering to the purpose of "making good eggs for the people", Mei buys fresh duck eggs all the year round on the shore of Poyang Lake, which has a superior ecological environment, ensuring that the poultry eggs produced are unique, pure green and pollution-free, especially lead-free pine flower preserved eggs. one by one dark red, pine flower brocade, endless aftertaste, widely praised by consumers. In this way, Mei has won the "leading enterprise" of agricultural industrialization in Nanchang for six years in a row by virtue of high-quality, hygienic, safe product quality and timely and perfect after-sales service. For seven consecutive years, he has been awarded the glorious title of the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Jiangxi Province.

Now, with the promotion of the digital transformation of Xiaolan Jingkai, "Flavor Egg" also hopes to make good use of "digital new farm tools" to start its new journey. After many comparisons and considerations, Mei decided to try to join hands with Huawei (Jiangxi) Intelligent Network Joint Automotive Industry Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as "Innovation Center"), through the technology of Huawei Cloud and its partner Hei Hu network technology. to contribute to the development of the enterprise.

Under the advice of two teams of digital experts, Mei set up a customized MES system to build a modular, transparent and intelligent production process control process through the four modules of material, production, quality and equipment to help it achieve comprehensive standardized management of 4M1E (man-machine material ring) as well as standardization and data of the production management process. Through the system integration design, we can fully open up the information flow of the internal planning layer and workshop layer of the enterprise, and gradually realize the information and digital management.

Now when we enter the Mei workshop again, we can see such a scene: the planner visualizes the scheduling in real time, and adjusts the schedule in time through the real-time feedback of the workshop information; after the operator receives the task, he directly scans the code and registers, and starts production according to the electronic SOP, and operates in an orderly manner. The inspector receives the product information in real time through the mobile phone, completes the quality inspection steps, and automatically generates the quality inspection report through the system; the workshop supervisor can accurately trace the whole process information by scanning the code. the use of technology, operators, raw materials, suppliers, customers, etc. The production director opens the mobile phone system to view the production progress and product data of the whole plant in real time, and then make various production decisions. The equipment maintenance staff can learn about the production machine in time through the system, and can automatically generate the maintenance report in the system record after timely maintenance, and can also analyze the machine failure through the report, "prescribe the right medicine to the case" to ensure the 24-hour operation of the machine, and so on. All production steps are being carried out in full swing, but they are very orderly and efficient!

In addition to the improvement of efficiency in each production process, the quality and efficiency of Mei's financial management after digital upgrade have also been fully guaranteed. It not only reduces the man-hour / energy / material waste caused by the substandard of various key control processes, but also increases the daily financial operation efficiency of the enterprise by 50% through the integration of industry and property.

With the orderly progress of digital transformation, Pan Bo, assistant to Mei's general manager, was also deeply impressed. He said that this time, taking advantage of the opportunity of the small Blue Economic Development District Management Committee to support enterprises to carry out digitization, Mei's production process has become more standardized and digitalized, which can not only better track the production process, quickly find and solve problems, and improve product quality and delivery stability. It can also give managers better control over the whole production process. In addition, digital management can enable managers to understand key indicators such as production progress, inventory and quality data in real time, and provide more data analysis and prediction capabilities, but also facilitate managers to make timely decisions, so that the management level and operating efficiency of enterprises have been significantly improved.

With Mei's bold lead, we can see that traditional agricultural enterprises can also integrate digital means into all aspects of enterprise production, operation and management, and embark on the fast track of digital transformation. The cooperation between Mei and Huawei (Jiangxi) Intelligent Network United Automotive Industry Innovation Center is also an important step for the innovation center in serving the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises in the Xiaolan Economic Development area. It is reported that Xiaolanjing Development Zone is vigorously promoting the digital upgrading of enterprises by jointly building Huawei (Jiangxi) Intelligent Network Joint Automotive Industry Innovation Center with Huawei Cloud, and Jiangxi Shili Paohua Digital Technology Co., Ltd. as an operating company and Huawei co-operation, multi-strong combination, give full play to their respective resources and experience advantages, so as to jointly strengthen the digital industry ecology of the small Lanjing Development area.

In the future, it is believed that Mei's transformation story can also bring more inspiration and thinking to other enterprises in the Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, and more and more enterprises will join hands with Huawei Cloud Innovation Center to help the Xiaolan Economic Development Zone achieve double-digit. Improve the quality of economic and social development in Jiangxi Province.

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