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The price of Ji Yue 01 has dropped by 30,000 yuan, starting from 219900 yuan.

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According to news on November 30, Ji Yue01 today launched a new price policy and rights: the price of Ji Yue01 Max is 219900 yuan, the adjusted price of Ji Yue 01 Max Performance is 254900 yuan, and the adjusted price of Ji Yue 01 Max Performance is 309900 yuan. The optional battery pack will be reduced by another 10,000. For the new replacement users, the price can be reduced by another 5000 yuan; for the old users who have already picked up the car, Ji Yue will give 30, 000 yuan cash compensation for the price difference according to the price of the latest model.

In addition, starting from 19:30 on November 30, on the basis of the car price plummeting, users can enjoy generous discounts for the purchase of Ji Yue 01 Max, including a discount of 10,000 yuan for 100kWh three-yuan lithium battery pack; 1000 yuan for the original price of 15000 yuan comfort set (including front seat ventilation, massage, Nappa leather seat, real aluminum decoration, imitation suede ceiling, ROBO SOUND sound system, headrest stereo, car fragrance generator and 3 fragrance substitutes). 2000 yuan upgrade original price 10000 yuan 21-inch sports hub set; 2000 yuan upgrade original price 10000 yuan Xinghe purple / star orange car paint; ROBO Drive Max high-order smart driving limited time buyout discount 30000 yuan.

In addition, all the newly purchased Ji Yue 01 models can enjoy a lifetime vehicle / three electricity warranty, a lifetime free road rescue, and the free subscription time limit for ROBO Drive Max high-level smart driving has been extended from 6 months to 12 months.

After the release of the preferential policy, CEO Xia Yiping said that a direct price reduction of 30,000 yuan can not only be clearly perceived by users, but also reduce the cost of user communication and the training cost of store sales experts. Under this preferential policy, there will certainly be no loss of money. Xia Yiping also said that the price adjustment this time actually began to be considered from the second day of the listing of Ji Yue 01. Behind this new pricing, there is a complex thinking, including organization, marketing system and other aspects. In addition, there will be no further price reduction after Ji Yue 01.

Ji Yue 01 positioning pure electricity medium and large SUV was launched on October 27, and the first batch of customer delivery began on October 29.

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