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Sources say that ideal car plans to go out to sea next year, the first batch to enter the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries.

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Shulou( Report--, November 30, according to a report by Auto later today, a number of people familiar with the matter said that the ideal car plans to go out to sea next year, with the first batch of markets entering Middle Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and possibly some North African countries. The first batch of sea models are ideal L9, and ideal L8 and ideal L7 may be added according to the acceptance of overseas consumers.

According to the report, a person familiar with the matter said that before this year's ideal autumn strategy meeting, capital from the Middle East and Europe had approached the ideal. The ideal has been assessed that the political and consumer environment in the Middle East market is more suitable as the first stop at sea than in Europe.

On the environmental front, countries in the Middle East generally welcome Chinese electric car manufacturers to invest and start a business there, while the European Union has previously announced a countervailing investigation into pure electric vehicles made in China. At the same time, most countries in the Middle East encourage "more birth and more children" and "more children and more blessings", which is a positive factor for the ideal car which focuses on the concept of large space and family car.

According to the International Monetary Organization (IMF), the per capita GDP of the United Arab Emirates reached US $50600 in 2022 ( Note: currently about RMB 361000), and the per capita GDP of Saudi Arabia reached US $32600 (currently about RMB 233000). Reported that the ideal model "higher price", in line with the level of economic development in the Middle East.

According to 's previous report, ideal car CEO Li Xiang wrote in July this year that ideal car will not be an overseas market before 2025 and will concentrate all resources to achieve the 2025 goal. It now seems that this goal is expected to be a year ahead of schedule.

Krypton 36 revealed earlier this month that ideal car sales are expected to exceed 800000 in 2024, with sales expected to rise by more than 100 per cent next year based on expected sales of 380000 this year.

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