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Hasu launches a medium-sized picture lens of XCD 2, 5par, 90V, which is priced at 28900 yuan

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According to news on November 30, Hasu today launched a mid-picture lens in the XCD 2jade 5tick 90V, which is priced at 28900 yuan by the Bank of China.

An introduction to the picture shot in the Hasu XCD 2 Magazure 90V attached to is as follows:

The XCD 2jam 5pinch 90V is an equivalent 71mm medium and long lens, with a medium and long focal angle combined with a large f / 2.5 aperture, which brings a stunning virtual effect, especially suitable for photography themes such as local portraits or still life close-ups, while under a small aperture, it can present Hasu's iconic "eight-star awn". Thanks to a compact optical design, a small lightweight focus module and an improved inter-mirror shutter, the XCD 2 5pm 90V weighs only 551g, which is 11% less than the XCD 3meme 2max 90 lens.

Six groups of nine-chip optical design with one aspheric lens is used in the XCD 2BZ 5par 90V lens. Its 71 mm full-frame equivalent focal length and compact structure provide excellent optical performance and support image resolution of more than 100 megapixels. At the same time, the f / 2.5 large aperture of the lens brings a soft out-of-focus effect for portrait photography. The ultra-high speed inter-mirror shutter provides a shutter speed of up to 4000s and supports flash synchronization at all shutter speeds. Hasu (HASSELBLAD) XCD 2rec 5max 90V soft beauty virtual high-speed portrait lens 28900 yuan direct link

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