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Shenzhen: speed up the construction of a world-class overcharged city and arrange charging infrastructure in advance.

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Shulou( Report--, November 30, according to the "Shenzhen release" official account, Shenzhen "overcharged city" construction mobilization deployment meeting held today, Mayor Qin Weizhong said in his speech, to build a high-quality charging infrastructure system as an important task, speed up the construction of a world-class overcharged city, create a global digital energy pioneer city, and better support the high-quality development of new energy industry. We will promote the green transformation of economic and social development and help achieve the goal of peak carbon neutralization.

The Tupu Pexels meeting also highlighted the following points:

Adhere to the convenience and benefit of the people, scientific layout, and appropriately arrange the construction of charging infrastructure in advance.

Speed up the construction of an extensive, balanced, reasonable and well-structured charging infrastructure network

Strengthen technological innovation and scene demonstration applications such as optical storage overcharging, vehicle-network interaction and wireless charging, and improve the standard system of overcharging facilities.

Adhere to innovative integration and comprehensive interconnection to improve the development level of digital, intelligent and integrated charging infrastructure

Improve the function of the "electric power charging and storage network" platform, and strengthen the interconnection with the charging infrastructure

We will strengthen the life-cycle safety management of charging infrastructure and promote the safety and standardization of charging facilities for electric bicycles.

According to 's previous report, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and other eight departments jointly issued some measures to promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicles and intelligent network connected automobile industry in Shenzhen some time ago, which also mentioned strengthening the construction and support of the distribution network and strengthening the effective connection between the special planning of overcharging facilities and the planning of power grids, municipal facilities and pipe networks.

In addition, in the "measures" issued a few days ago, it was mentioned to extend and optimize policies such as tax relief for the purchase of new energy vehicles, encourage the elimination of ordinary cars with Ⅳ or lower emission standards, and support the renewal of consumption of old vehicles. And encourage high-end microcontrollers (MCU), power devices, power control analog chips, car / workshop communication chips, high computing power master chips, computing chips, system-level chips (SOC) and other automotive chips to achieve independent breakthroughs.

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