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QQ9 forward-looking version launched: QQ NT beta version with a new launch page, adapted to the glory push service Honor Push

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Thanks to netizen Rui Ge for the clue delivery! December 1 news, In February this year, At the 24th anniversary of QQ, Tencent launched a brand-new QQ official website, And provided a brand-new QQ9 version reservation function, This also means Android and iOS version of Mobile QQ (Mobile QQ) will usher in a brand-new 9.0 version.

But today, with the last month left in 2023, QQ9 has not yet been released. Fortunately, Tencent has begun preparing to test QQ9 related content.

Tencent released version 8.9.93-5028 on November 29. Existing users found that Tencent's latest Beta1 beta version brought a brand new (QQ9) adaptive launch page, which indicates that QQ9 version is not far away from us.

As shown in the picture, the new startup image removes the gradient blue and changes to a pure white tone. In addition, the list UI of the new QQ homepage adopts a brand-new drawer style, and the "small world" is renamed as "Short Video."

Update Log:

Honor Push

[Update] MiPush SDK

[New] Dynamic Square Mission Center and Points Rewards

[New] Super QQ Show-(avatar) My-Creation Center

[New] Settings-General-Use group file online preview service

[New] Message list When entering the friend chat interface, adding friends online status gradually takes effect

[New] Background blur when QQ calls out side-slide bar action, dynamic blur of top/bottom bar of some pages (in normal mode)

[New] Qzone adopts brand-new drop-down loading animation

[New] Qzone launched the New Year to grab the dragon and other play methods

[Egg] Settings-About QQ and Help-Click the top half-QQ Chaser

[Adjustment] Brand new (QQ9) adaptive launch page,(QQ9) login page/one-click login (excluding add account),(normal mode) brand new Toolbar experience mode style Home/contact page/dynamic page,(QQ9) about page

[Adjust] Profile Card (Personal Business Card)-Top Button Size

[Adjust] Top icon size of sideslip bar, bottom icon position of sideslip bar Move up

[Adjust] Slidebar My File Layer, Face-to-Face Transfer-Recent File Layer

[Adjustment] Friends chat page-friends nickname, interactive logo, online status left

[Adjustment] Group chats interface-unread reminder bubble position moved down

[Adjust] Group chats settings page group application position, merge partial display settings into personality settings

[Adjust] Channel-(within each channel) Message notification Move to level 1 page

[Adjustment] Replace the font in the unread bubble on the home page

[Fix] Group file top bar immersion exception problem

[Fix] Channel save/forward other people's avatar appears as their own avatar

[Fix] High frequency voice request (microphone) permission stuck issue

[Optimization] New Companion, Same Frequency, New World

[Optimization] Home page (receiving) Loading animation UI

[Optimization] Home drop-down Mini programs pop-up effect

[Optimization] Second confirmation pop-up title font bold

[Optimization] Friends chat page-Slide (left slide)-Friends UI

[Optimization] Group Chat Interface-Group To-Do Style

[Optimization] Group member list initial quick positioning

[Optimization] All Group List-Do Not Disturb in the lower right corner of the group avatar, do not remind, block group messages Icon

It is worth mentioning that if you are an Android user, you can download the beta version of QQ directly, and if you are an iOS user, you also need to join the Beta version of "QQ"TestFlight test.

According to the official website information, QQ 9's Slogan is "new more than step music unlimited," the same as the previous version of Mac QQ. According to the official forward-looking video, QQ9 will join hands with QQ 9 user Ouyang Nana, focusing on "Super QQ Show,""brand-new colorful personality theme" and "simplicity and unity," bringing a brand-new experience to users.

In addition, a number of QQ users have recently obtained the QQ medal "Chaser", which is limited to users who have provided feedback for QQ and participated in QQ version internal test times ≥5 times during 2022.6 - 2023.6.

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