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GAC Ean: the battery production line will be put into production in December and the solid-state battery will be mass produced and loaded in 2026.

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Shulou( Report--, November 30, according to the Financial Associated Press, Li Jin, director of the battery research and development department of GAC Ean New Energy vehicle Co., Ltd., said at the eighth International Summit on Power Battery Application that the company's battery production line, which is owned by Pai Battery Technology Co., Ltd., will be put into production in December this year.

▲ figure source GAC GROUP official micro, according to understanding, GAC GROUP set up Yinpai battery company in August 2022 to carry out independent battery industrialization construction, with a total investment of 10.9 billion yuan; in December 2022, Yinpai Battery Technology Co., Ltd., located in Guangzhou Automobile Zhaopin New Energy vehicle Industry Park, officially started construction, and plans to build a 36GWh production line by 2025. On September 15 this year, due to the successful completion of the first feeding of the positive electrode pulp production line, the battery factory officially entered the equipment commissioning stage.

It is reported that because the first product of the battery adopts GAC's independent lithium iron phosphate technology, the early stage is dominated by supporting enterprises in Eian and GAC GROUP to enhance the battery market share, and the follow-up will actively expand the external market and carry out market-oriented operation.

As previously reported by, at the 2023 21st Guangzhou International Auto Show on November 17, GAC GROUP announced that it would carry all-solid-state batteries in 2026, and the Haopin model would be the first to be adopted.

GAC Ean Laboratory announced the completion of solid-state battery interface modification technology test and verification, announced a new technological breakthrough. This technology will reduce the life decay of solid-state batteries by 50%. After 150 cycles, the battery capacity can be maintained at more than 90%.

For a long time, solid-state battery has been called the most potential "next-generation power battery", with many advantages such as ultra-high energy density of over 400 Wh / Kg, ultra-high safety of high temperature resistance and puncture resistance, and wide temperature range working window, and is expected to become the ultimate solution for power battery.

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