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Epic plus two: free collection of "Jitsu Squad" and "Mighty Fight Federation" games

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Thanks to netizens for the handwritten clues of the past, Alejandro86, Qing Huannian, AMD beyond the future, South China Daniel Wu and Xiao Zhan Che! December 1 news, Epic this week limited time free games (December 1-7) has been announced, for "Jitsu Squad" and "Mighty Fight Federation", partners can go to the mall to pick up.

Cooperative clear version of the game "Jitsu Squad"

Game introduction: this is a 4-person cooperation clear version of the game, with fast-paced cartoon movements and strange chaotic fighting! It has the ease of operation of games such as "Iron fist of Wrath" and "whirlwind" and the mechanism of classic fighting games, but it also has the speed and intensity of combat games such as "Marvel VS Capcom 2", "Dragonball fighters Z" and "Nintendo Star Battle". Chinese is not supported.

Arena fighting game "Mighty Fight Federation"

Game introduction: in this arena fighting game, you can hit your opponent into the wall, blast into the air, and then chase with a fast strike attack. Choose from 14 characters with their own independent play styles. Fight a duel in a 1v1 game, or team up with other fighters, and embrace the chaos of a big fight. Chinese is supported.

Epic's free games next week are "Predecessor" and "GigaBash".

Predecessor is a fast-paced action game that combines multiplayer online sports with first-person shooters. It makes you feel as if you are in the center of a battlefield through strategic choices, third-person control and immersive actions. There are more than 20 heroes to choose from in the game, and new heroes will be frequently added to the lineup, so that all players can have the most suitable heroes.

GigaBash is a multiplayer game that includes huge movie-inspired monsters, exaggerated heroes, must-kill attacks to destroy heaven and earth, and a completely destroyable venue environment.

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