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Shu Lang education model press conference, Nanning Station hit!

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Shulou( Report--

On November 24, the third stop of Shu Lang's AI learning machine education model conference came to Nanning, Guangxi, and held a grand event in Nanning Wanda Plaza, with wonderful live band performances and interesting live clearance activities, which made the scene full of people and enthusiasm. With the expectation of future education and curiosity about the progress of science and technology, the audience have experienced this new way of learning which integrates the latest artificial intelligence.

A unique AI game was set up at the event site. Participants can experience the AI intelligent learning mode by answering questions in the game, making people feel the fun and convenience brought by science and technology. in addition, participants who successfully break through the border can also receive rich prizes.

This activity allows more people to understand and experience the charm of the educational model of the AI learning machine. The educational model is based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and aims to provide a new and personalized way of learning. It can deeply understand students' learning needs, provide them with customized learning programs, and help them overcome their learning difficulties, so as to improve their learning efficiency.

This conference is an educational discussion about the future, a collision between science and technology and education. Through its powerful artificial intelligence technology, the Shulang AI learning machine shows us the way of intelligent learning in the future under the AI empowerment of the educational model. No matter the audience or the majority of learners, have given a high evaluation and expectation to this technology. In the future, we also look forward to seeing more deep integration of technology and education, opening up a new way for the field of education.

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