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"the Road of exile: arrival" has now opened an appointment, and "the Road of exile" S24 season "the Fog of bugs" is expected to be launched on December 15.

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Shulou( Report--, December 1 (Xinhua)-- "the Road of exile" today brought many changes and ways to play the 24th season of "the Fog of bugs". At the same time, it also announced that the "Road of exile: arrival" ("Road of exile 2" national service) is open to appointment.

According to reports, booking players can receive the "wasteland reclamation aid package" and other benefits.

"Road of exile: arrival" will add a new class "mercenary", players can use a variety of crossbows to fight. found that in addition to the original six initial classes, the Road to exile will add six new character classes: witches, monks, huntresses, mercenaries, warriors and druids.

There will be six acts of battle, with 100 different environments, 600 monsters, 100 lead creatures, new skill gem systems, and so on.

According to reports, the theme of the "Road of exile" S24 season is "the fog of bugs". We will encounter "holy ghosts" in the game and let us set foot on the wilderness of Viridian.

In the wilderness, we will finish their task with the last few Aziz Morri Rangers, and we will unlock the new additional sublimation classes of the season and earn up to 8 sublimation points.

In addition, the three systems of imperial labyrinth helmet enchantment, special quality skill gems and skill threshold gems have been integrated into a "modified gem" system. The Divine Fountain of the Ultimate Imperial Labyrinth is now a skill gem craftsmanship table that can transform your skills or auxiliary gems into transformed gems, add quality or experience to them, or sacrifice gems for more bronze keys.

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