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Wuling Motor sold 59372 new energy vehicles in November, an increase of 66% over the previous month.

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Thank netizens Feiji for the clue delivery! news on December 1, SAIC GM Wuling released news that new energy sales in November were 59372 vehicles, an increase of 66% from the previous month. Among them, Wuling colorful fruit sold 34573 vehicles, up 19% from the previous month; Wuling Hongguang MINIEV series sold 23518 vehicles.

In addition, the pre-sale order for Wuling Xingguang hybrid sedan exceeds 8000. The car will go on sale earlier this month, with a pre-price of 93800 yuan for the 70 standard version and 109800 yuan for the 150-grade version. summarizes the November brand sales data that have been published so far:

Lantu delivered 7006 cars in November, an increase of 365% over the same period last year.

SAIC Volkswagen ID. The family sold 15600 cars in November and ID.3 delivered 12000 new cars.

Wuling Motor sold 59372 new energy vehicles in November, up 66 per cent from the previous month.

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