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Integration of art and science and technology, ALPD laser display helps West Lake International documentary Conference

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Shulou( Report--

The 6th West Lake International documentary Conference / WEST LAKE INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL (referred to as "IDF2023"), sponsored by the China Academy of Fine Arts, was held in Hangzhou from November 24 to 26.

This conference has three major content sections: "West Lake Honor" award unit, "IDF Forum" academic unit, and "Light of record" exhibition unit. Chinese and foreign documentary film writers, production institutions, distributors, cultural scholars and other important guests gathered by the West Lake in Hangzhou to enjoy the light of the West Lake record. Such a strong artistic lineup, not to mention the support of the technical lineup, the Shadow Light Peak ALPD laser projection solution once again provides full projection support for the conference after 2 years, and this is also the second time that China Film Light Peak has supported the event.

As an international event, IDF has extremely high requirements for the showing quality of the documentary, and only a clearer showing quality can better present the authenticity of the documentary. ALPD laser projection technology was used in the two most important screening sites of the conference, namely, the school auditorium and the open-air projection.

The small theatre with thousands of people shows steadily.

The small theater, which can hold nearly a thousand spectators, is an important venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of this event, and the requirements for the quality and stability of the show are the top priority. On the other hand, ALPD always has a high-brightness and stable performance in large-scale projection venues, which makes it stable in the 3-day continuous screening. In the traditional xenon lamp era, the lack of brightness will not only bring discomfort to watch, but also greatly reduce the dynamic range and level of detail of the film, so that the final visual presentation is greatly reduced. The high brightness of ALPD can not only meet the brightness requirements, but also improve the color and detail expression of the picture at the same time, so that the comprehensive sense of the film has been greatly improved, even in non-cinema scenes, can also show a more stable projection brightness.

Atmosphere, cocktail party, cultural transmission

With the sky as the top, the wall as the curtain and the open-air projection on the roof is a special part of this documentary conference, with the relaxed and romantic cultural and artistic atmosphere of the reception downstairs, ALPD projects a beautiful picture on the outer wall of gallery, which is not only the image, but also the transmission of culture.

At present, ALPD has been with the film for 9 years. In the middle of 9 years, ALPD accompanied the audience silently in the cinema, and ALPD continued to support the local and international spread of film culture in the past 9 years. From the FIRST Film Festival, Hainan Film Festival, Minute International short Film Festival to this documentary conference, ALPD will always be on the road of helping film and culture now and in the future.

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