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Sources say that Tencent's small world will change its name to QQ short video.

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Shulou( Report-- December 1 news, According to the interface news report, Tencent QQ "Small World"(Hereinafter referred to as small world) This product will be renamed "QQ Short Video," Further strengthen its Short videos product positioning.

Reported that there are sources from QQ inside said, At present on the entire QQ platform, There are many users only watch Short Video, And do not participate in chat. That is to say, in QQ's current active user data, the small world contributed a large proportion. previously reported that Small World launched in April 2020, initially positioned as a content entertainment community, with graphics and Short Video content, similar to Instagram. In March 2022, Small World began to appear in QQ bottom bar. The interface design is similar to other Short Video platforms. The top provides four channels: live broadcast, circle, attention and square, which can slide up and down to switch videos.

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