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Dan Hauser, the Father of GTA, announces a new project: a comic book, a radio play, to be released next year

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Shulou( Report-- December 1, R Star co-founder Dan Hauser (Dan Houser) left the company in 2020, announced the establishment of a new Absurd Ventures company in June this year, today officially announced "American Caper" and "A Better Paradise" two projects.

"American Caper" is a cartoon and "A Better Paradise" is a 12-episode radio drama that has been announced to be released in 2024.

American Caper tells the story of two American families in a world of corrupt business, tricky politics and clumsy crime. Artist Simon Beasley (Simon Bisley) is responsible for illustrating graphic novels.

"A Better Paradise" is positioned as "an exciting existential thriller set in the near future", with an audio series produced by QCODE Media studio.

Unsworth and Jones, Picture Source: as for new talent, two famous former Rockstar Games employees have recently joined Absurd Ventures:

Michael Unsworth (Michael Unsworth), a former screenwriter for the Wild Dart: redemption (Red Dead Redemption) and other R Star games, is now the director of narrative and creative management for Absurd Ventures.

Laszlo Jones (Lazlow Jones) R star producer, screenwriter and radio host is currently shown as the company's co-founder. Note: Dan Hauser founded R Star with his brother Sam Hauser (Sam Houser) in 1998 and has been a vice president. He is known for integrating his artistic insight and strong stand on social issues into the game, known as the "father of GTA".

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