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A case study of Dawn Digital Immersion liquid cooling Technology selected into Peking University Innovation Review Industry

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Shulou( Report--

On November 28, 2023 Inno China Industrial Innovation Conference-- "Scientific and technological Innovation leads High-quality Development" Forum was held in Beijing. He Jisheng, president of dawning Digital Innovation Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the meeting.

The "INNO CHINA" China Industrial Innovation Conference focuses on data-driven industrial change and upgrading, industrial intelligence and industrial transformation and upgrading, enterprise digital transformation and upgrading, industrial service ecological construction and business intelligence integration and development. Today, it has become an annual festival for high-dimensional academic and industrial gathering of emerging technologies, popular tracks, industry forums, innovative achievements display, participation and co-creation in China, and an annual event for the integration and innovation and development of China's industry and science and technology.

The conference released the industrial research case base of "Intelligent Innovation leading". This book adheres to the purport orientation of Peking University's innovation review "sharing cutting-edge knowledge and innovative industrial change", focusing on digital innovation models and industrial solutions. to provide case reference and reference for industrial upgrading from the perspective of case studies. The selected cases not only show that enterprises can improve quality and efficiency and achieve social benefits by improving internal management efficiency and industrial chain connectivity, but also have innovation highlights, which can be used for reference in mode innovation, hard science and technology innovation, product innovation and so on. Dawning Digital Innovation full-immersion liquid phase change cooling technology was selected into the case base.

The topic of this forum is "Scientific and technological Innovation leads High-quality Development". Distinguished guests had a heated discussion on such topics as "Innovation and technology effectively promote the improvement of industrial efficiency in the development of manufacturing, energy, energy, and other core industries, and the opportunities and challenges they bring." He Jisheng, president of dawning Digital Chuangchuang, said: with the outbreak of AI models and big data applications, the cost of computing is rising. In addition to the IT devices used to provide computing power, the energy consumption used to cool IT devices is also a "hard cost" to be underestimated. Dawning is created as an one-stop overall solution provider for the data center, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption cost of the data center through advanced cooling technology. Dawning, a fully immersed liquid phase change cooling technology, was selected into the "Intelligent Innovation leading" industry research case base, which can reduce the PUE of the whole system to 1.04and effectively help data centers save energy and reduce consumption.

In the future, in addition to the continuous research and innovation of technologies and products in the data center industry, dawning also looks forward to working with Peking University Innovation Review and in-depth cooperation with all dimensions of politics, industry, university and research to help accelerate the construction of the national digital economy.

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