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There are 100 drivers' post stations on Didi freight line, and drivers in 23 cities can enjoy warmth and convenience.

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The temperature dropped sharply across the country this past weekend. In order to thank the vast number of freight masters for their efforts and contributions to the operation of urban logistics in the cold winter, Didi Freight launched the "driver Care Action-warm Winter Post Station" on December 16, and invited Didi freight drivers in Suzhou for the first time to return to the driver's post station to rest and keep warm during the delivery gap, and prepared a hot soup dumpling and a warm winter gift bag for everyone. Starting from this week, the event will be launched in Qingdao, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other cities one after another.

(warm Winter Post Station for Didi Freight drivers started)

At the beginning of this month, the "driver Post Station" was officially launched at the App of Didi freight drivers. The first phase has covered 23 cities, with more than 100 driver service centers operating services. Drivers can log on to Didi freight driver App, click "driver Post Station" in common tools to view the driver post station and service content of the city, and navigate there with one click. At present, all drivers' post stations provide free toilets, drinking (hot) water, mobile phone charging, wireless Internet access, and some drivers' post stations also provide emergency services such as free first aid kits, car glass water, maintenance tools and so on.

(Didi Freight driver Post Station Page)

"Freight drivers are on the road all the year round, taking the car as their home and companionship with the road. at the same time, they are also faced with problems such as thirst, lack of water to drink, difficulty in finding toilets, and no place to rest when parking orders." Wang Yu, deputy director of the Didi Freight driver Ecological Service Committee, said, "working together to build a driver post station is another important project launched by our driver Care Initiative, hoping to provide convenience for drivers in the same city." there is a place to have a cool rest in summer and a place to heat and recharge in winter. "

In order to improve the working and rest environment and conditions of truck drivers, the Ministry of Transport and the all-China Federation of Trade unions have promoted the construction of "drivers' homes" at long-distance drivers' nodes such as highway service areas in various provinces. In view of the situation of freight drivers in the same city, Didi Freight is actively building drivers' post stations to provide free rest places and convenient services.

(the person in charge of the Suzhou driver's post station brought dumplings and dumplings to the driver.)

"Today, I came to the driver's post station to add a pot of hot water and have a rest. As soon as I entered the door, I saw steaming dumplings and dumplings. Everyone was talking and laughing. The atmosphere made me very warm, like the Spring Festival." A driver at the scene said happily while eating.

(the driver's post station gives the driver gloves, pillow blankets and other "warm winter four-piece sets")

Before New Year's Day, many Didi freight driver service centers in Suzhou will hold warm winter post station activities one after another. Du Zhenyu, the person in charge, said, "Breakfast for drivers in the morning peak, moon cakes for drivers in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and we will invite drivers to eat dumplings and dumplings immediately after the Winter Solstice. Giving warmth to drivers is what we have been doing for a long time. In addition to dumplings and dumplings, we also sent gloves, pillow blankets, canvas handbags and Hot and Sour Rice Noodles's' warm winter four-piece'to the driver at the warm winter post station. "

(the truck driver took a group photo at the warm winter post station)

"'serve the driver well, help the driver serve the user' is the development concept of Didi freight." Wang Yu said, "Didi Freight took the lead in canceling driver deposit in September this year, calling on more enterprises to work together to reduce the burden on truck drivers, and successively launched nine major driver rights protection and a series of driver care actions. Among them, the driver Care Action is a long-term project of Didi Freight Transport, in addition to the driver's post station, it also includes welfare stations to deliver energy bags to drivers, family days to enhance drivers' parent-child relationship, sincere talks to listen to drivers' voices, truck concerts to enrich drivers' spare time life, and so on. "

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