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BYD Seal DM-i launched a year-end car purchase policy, which is equivalent to a limited time starting at 161800 yuan.

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens A 1937388 for the clue delivery! According to news on December 1, BYD announced today that it can enjoy 2000 yuan to 7000 yuan for the purchase of Seal DM-i models from December 1 to 31, while introducing a series of car purchase policies such as 0 interest for 3 years and 30% down payment.

As a reference, the price range of the seal DM-i, which went on sale in September this year, ranges from 166800 yuan to 236800 yuan. This event has lowered the overall price range of the car by 5000 yuan, equivalent to a minimum of 161800 yuan.

The appearance of the car is based on BYD's "Ocean Aesthetics" design concept, with a size of 4980*1890*1495mm and a wheelbase of 2900mm. In terms of interior decoration, the central control panel of the new car integrates common functions such as crystal bar, start button, power mode selection and so on, and is equipped with 31-color water ring cabin atmosphere lights.

In addition, the new car is also equipped with a W-HUD head-up display system, a 15.6in adaptive rotary suspension Pad and a 10.25inch full liquid crystal meter. The steering wheel is a four-frame flat-bottomed design, the seat is a ripple ring-type double color design, and both the main and auxiliary drivers support multi-directional electric regulation.

In terms of power, the Seal DM-i provides 1.5L and 1.5T DM-i hybrid systems:

The maximum power of the 1.5 liter engine is 81 kilowatts and the peak torque is 135 Nm. The matching maximum power is 145 kW and the peak torque is 325 Nm.

The maximum power of 1.5T engine is 102 kW and the peak torque is 231 Nm. The matching maximum power is 160 kW and the peak torque is 325 Nm.

NEDC operating mode pure electric mileage according to different models, 121km and 200km optional.

According to a report by earlier today, BYD announced this morning that it would launch a December promotion: covering all models in the Han, Tang, Qin, Song and Yuan dynasties, with a premium fuel transfer fund of 20000 yuan. Among them, Qin PLUS limited time premium fuel transfer fund 10000 yuan, thus came to 89800 yuan.

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