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"Chinese Wisdom" Meiya Optoelectronics: what is the achievement of "Beauty Asia, rest assured"

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The manufacturing industry is not only the foundation of China's real economy, but also the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation. Under the call to promote the high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry, a number of high-quality "made in China" with excellent technical strength have emerged in the manufacturing industry. Meiya Optoelectronics is a typical representative of this.

From color sorter to equipment, Meiya Optoelectronics takes intelligent identification technology as the core, in the course of 30 years of development, has been leading the development of the industry and constantly completing the transcendence of foreign brands.

"Beauty, rest assured." this is what Meiya customers say most often.

Behind the "rest assured", in addition to excellent product performance and high reliability, what contribution has Meiya's service made? We had a dialogue with Li Jie, head of Meiya Optoelectronics Digital.

From the management of after-sales service to now leading the construction of after-sales service system, Li Jie has witnessed the development of Meiya service. Whether it is customer-centric service commitment or the improvement of digital service capabilities, Meiya has been committed to building services into a foundation that can reassure customers.

01 Service creates word of mouth and allows customers to become "referrals"

Meiya mainly focuses on two types of product lines: color sorter and equipment, which often have a long life cycle. After-sales service after products are delivered to customers, they constitute an important part of brand reputation.

"We are all for industry customers, and many customers are familiar with each other, so the word-of-mouth of products in the industry is particularly important." Li Jie believes that customer perception comes from two contact points:

One is the product experience, including excellent performance and reliable operation.

The second is service process experience, including timely problem handling, standardized service process, active service care and so on.

Meiya is through the continuous improvement of the level of service, to create a better reputation, so that customers in the imperceptible influence to become the product "presenter".

The company has always emphasized the three elements of product competitiveness: performance, reliability and service, so service capability is one of the company's core strategies, and good localization service guarantee has become an important advantage for the company's products to be replaced by localization.

As for the positioning of service in the enterprise, Li Jie said that one of the important reasons for the early development and growth of Meiya is that it has an excellent reputation for after-sales service, and its future development is also inseparable from high-quality after-sales service.

First of all, high-quality service is inseparable from the establishment of service standards and processes.

In terms of service standards, Meiya's service is customer-centered, and starting from the customer experience, it designs a set of core service processes and defines the operation specifications for each step, including how to check, how to handle, how to record, how to communicate with customers, and so on. have made clear requirements.

After repeated promotion and training, these service standards are committed to making every engineer clearly understand that they can operate in accordance with the on-site standard operating specifications at the service site.

On top of the service standards, Meiya also made it clear that "service standards are checked". At the key process nodes, corresponding spot checks and records are matched, such as check-in records, spot inspection photos, core component photos, customer signatures, etc., to ensure the clarity and transparency of the on-site service process.

The equipment of Meiya is mainly used for agricultural production and diagnostics. From the customer's point of view, what is required is the uninterrupted service. Therefore, Meiya emphasizes "thinking what customers want and urgent customers" in service, and matches the corresponding SLA warning for key customer contact points, such as appointment, door-to-door, completion, etc., to ensure that customer needs are responded in a timely manner.

Focusing on customer satisfaction, Meiya has also designed an internal assessment mechanism to encourage the improvement of per capita coverage and on-site service efficiency in order to serve customers faster and better. To this end, the enterprise will regularly evaluate excellent service personnel, and give certain honors and rewards, through this kind of talent identification and the promotion of values and positive energy, establish the concept of customer service in the whole team, so that the quality of after-sales service can be guaranteed.

Meiya Oral CBCT installation Service

02 embrace digitalization and create the "optimal solution" of service optimization

It is worth mentioning that in order to ensure more timely and professional service quality, Meiya's after-sales service is responsible for by its own professional service team.

Among them, in the field of equipment, there are more than 17000 domestic customers in Meiya at present, and customer hospitals and clinics basically cover all prefecture-level cities.

In terms of ensuring the timeliness of service, Meiya is first of all equipped with sufficient service personnel, with a team of professional engineers of more than 100 people to provide on-site service, and the service personnel are all through long-term training and strict assessment. To the maximum extent possible to assist customers in the use of equipment.

Everything is ready, so how can we maximize the service value of these hundreds of professional engineers, optimize the service timeliness index, and at the same time improve work efficiency and reduce service costs?

Meiya has always attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and vigorously promoted the development of digitalization. in the process of building a digital production and operation system, after-sales service is also keeping up with the pace of digitization. From the application of the Internet of things to the online after-sales service management system in cooperation with Ruiyun Service Cloud, Meiya has optimized a number of service indicators around the application of the three major digital functions.

First, remote service. Meiya equipment-based products are connected to the IoT Internet of things, and equipped with remote expert seats, for customers on the equipment simple after-sales problems, as far as possible through remote diagnosis and treatment, committed to solving customer problems in the shortest possible time, in order to improve the timeliness of service. At the same time, the application of remote service reduces the necessity of door-to-door service, saves valuable service resources for enterprises, and reduces the cost of service.

Second, intelligent dispatch. For the failure that can not be handled remotely, the agent will send workers to the corresponding area online, and the regional manager will comprehensively consider the location of the engineer and the status of processing the work order in the system, and select the most suitable engineer to arrive at the site as soon as possible to serve.

The application of the dispatch system, on the one hand, can facilitate the regional manager to provide the optimal solution for the emergency work order and achieve timely service, on the other hand, it can determine the cause of the fault, determine the required spare parts, and improve the one-time repair rate as much as possible. it has also become an effective means to reduce costs. Li Jie revealed that in the later stage, he is going to set rules in the system and calculate the priority of service personnel through the algorithm, so as to truly achieve intelligent dispatch and improve the efficiency of managers.

Third, self-service platform. In order to better meet the needs of customers in the mobile Internet era, with the help of Ruiyun Service Cloud, Meiya has also built a Wechat self-service platform to facilitate customers to complete the whole process of online repair, progress tracking, service confirmation, mobile phone signature, code-scanning payment and self-evaluation in one stop on the platform, effectively upgrading the customer experience.

Meiya self-service platform

03 standardization to branding, Meiya's service innovation has been on the way.

In the research on the digital transformation of enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry, Ruiyun Service Cloud found that the more successful enterprises with digital landing are on the basis that their service processes and service organization construction have reached a relatively standardized and perfect basis. in order to release the energy of digitization in improving efficiency and value-added.

It is under the standard and rigorous service system of Meiya itself, combined with the application of digital technology such as face recognition, GPS positioning, text recognition, scanning code receipt and payment, dynamic QR code, etc., to realize the visual and intelligent management of the whole business process, and to complete the standardized and structured recording and circulation according to the business logic.

According to the service management rules, Meiya embeds more than a dozen SLA early warning rules into the system, and executes them automatically according to the set rules, finds the anomalies in the service management process in time and responds to deal with them, avoids unnecessary service cost rise, and realizes fine service management in an all-round way.

Of course, Meiya is not satisfied with the current digital achievements.

Since the establishment of the standard service process, the implementation of the CRM system and the establishment of the assessment mechanism in 2015, Meiya has gradually entered the stage of service standardization. At this stage, through meticulous management and more professional digital system means, continue to improve the timeliness, standardization and satisfaction of services, customer experience has been greatly improved, the importance of service as a competitive element can be reflected.

According to Meiya's plan, the next stage will be the production of services, that is, services will become independent products, and enterprises need to do active service product design, service marketing and customer relationship maintenance.

The final service should enter the brand stage, which requires enterprises to have a perfect digital service platform and management system, remote service based on IoT has become an important way, the service model can be replicated, and the service brand has become an important competitiveness of enterprises.

Li Jie said that the goal of Meiya in the next few years is to promote the service from standardization to production, continuously improve the capability of IoT-based remote service, allow more engineers to return to experts from the site, and design more service products to make the service an independent profit point.

What we can see is that Meiya has begun to explore the commercialization of services.

Meiya's current extended insurance service products have been implemented more mature. In addition, around the oral CBCT and other equipment, Meiya provides customers with a full-process clinic management system, which can achieve AI intelligent diagnosis and treatment services by collecting massive image data and deep learning.

After the customer uploads the image data to the remote big data platform in the system, the system will automatically return the diagnosis and treatment results and provide the corresponding treatment plan, so as to help customers improve the accuracy of diagnosis. In the future, with the improvement of customers' stickiness to Meiya products, this service product is expected to become an important value-added point for after-sales and even enterprises.

Digital cloud platform for dental health in America, Asia and the United States


Looking back at Meiya's road of service digitization, "pursuing quality and serving customers" is the core value of Meiya, which is also the service concept of the enterprise, as well as the starting point and foothold of digitalization.

The solid foundation of the service system built by Meiya itself, coupled with the digital empowerment, enables the value of the service to be further released.

Looking to the future, with the gradual growth of Meiya's overseas market share, Li Jie said that in the future, he will continue to explore and improve overseas service strategy and overseas service model to support Meiya's products to go global.

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