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Crisp and tender, full of fragrance: excellent shape, thick cut, crispy meat 6.6 yuan / bag weekend fast hoarding

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [shape flagship store]

Excellent shape thick cut small crispy meat (chicken breast meat) 240g *12 bags official price 118.8 yuan, daily big promotion price 98.8 yuan.

Only 78.8 yuan after today's coupon, a single bag equivalent to 6.56 yuan new low good price:

Tmall excellent shape thick cut small crisp meat 12 bags, a total of 2880g coupon 78.8 yuan after receiving 40 yuan coupon small crisp meat needs to be frozen at-18℃, shelf life of 1 year.

0 hormones were used in the breeding process, and 0 preservatives (sodium deoxyacetate) were added to the finished products.

Shangchao daily 9.9 yuan/bag, this official only 6.6 yuan/bag.

"Excellent shape" is a brand owned by "Shandong Fengxiang." Its "refrigerated ready-to-eat chicken breast meat" is famous in the fitness industry for its good taste and taste.

Shandong Fengxiang is one of the large-scale production, processing and export enterprises with complete industrial chain in the domestic broiler industry.

Products are exported to 20 countries and regions such as EU, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, etc. Fengxiang Food is also a strategic supplier of chain groups such as KFC and McDonald's.

Tmall, 12 bags of excellent thick cut crispy meat, 2880g in total, 78.8 yuan after coupon, 40 yuan coupon

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