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Platform empowering! Cloud Quick Chong unveiled 2023 International Forum on Automotive electrification and Intelligent Technology

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On November 30, the 2023 International Forum on Automotive electrification and Intelligent Technology officially opened in Shanghai. This forum brings together hundreds of industry leaders and experts and scholars from all over the world to carry out in-depth discussion and imagination on the development trend of future scientific and technological innovation, automobile electrification, intelligence and self-driving technology. Cloud Quick Chong was invited to attend the meeting as a provider of new energy vehicle charging services and energy management solutions in China. Li Yaoyuang, the person in charge of the cloud fast charging pile connection platform, delivered a speech at the Electric vehicle charging Technology Summit Forum to discuss the evolution of products and services of the pile networking platform.

According to Huaan Securities, electric vehicle sales reached 9 million in 2023, of which high-voltage fast-charging models are expected to sell 1.21 million, accounting for 22% of pure trams. In 2026, sales of more than 800V high-voltage platform models are expected to reach 5.8 million, with a permeability of 50 per cent. Under the background of the continuous improvement of automobile electrification permeability, various automobile companies accelerate the layout of high-pressure models, 800V overcharging will become the development trend in the future.

Photo: Huaan Securities

Under this trend, Li Yaoyuang believes that the charging business needs of major new energy vehicle manufacturers will be mainly reflected in four aspects: site resources, charging station construction, charging operation and user charging services. Relying on the forward-looking charging Internet of things technology and profound industrial collaborative resources, Cloud Quick charge can build an exclusive national charging map for new energy vehicle manufacturers and provide a series of technologies and services, such as brand station construction, national charging network operation services, car engine system services, etc., so as to enhance users' charging experience, improve the closed loop of car charging industry, rapidly expand the national charging network support system, and increase market share.

At present, Cloud Quick Chong has reached a multi-mode in-depth cooperation with more than 85% of the new energy vehicle companies in the market. Cloud Quick Chong is not only the national charging map high-quality terminal access party of ideal Automobile, High-tech Automobile and other enterprises, but also an important partner of Zero C01 / C11 Rights and interests Electronic Card Project, the first global strategic model of Zero car. Cloud Quick charge has also joined hands with Great Wall Motor to build an independent charging management platform covering household charging and public charging, synchronously create a national charging map exclusive to the brand, and access to a number of mainstream operators across the country. achieve national high-quality charging terminal coverage of more than 95%.

The "Operation of the National Electric vehicle charging Infrastructure in October 2023" released by the China charging Alliance shows that the scale of the charging terminal of Cloud Quick charge ranks first in the country. In the future, Cloud Quick charge will continue to dig deep into the enabling value of the largest public charging network in the country, release the charging potential energy of third-party platforms, polish data services and aggregation services, and provide more abundant, safe, intelligent and long-term charging services and energy management solutions for new energy vehicle manufacturers and more industry customers, so as to accelerate the development process of electric and intelligent vehicles.

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