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Weilai delivered 15959 units in November, and the models of the second generation technology platform continue to sell well.

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On December 1, NYSE:NIO; HKEX:9866; SGX:NIO released the latest delivery information: Weilai delivered a total of 15959 new cars in November, an increase of 12.6% from January to November 2023, and a total of 142026 new cars were delivered, an increase of 33.1% over the same period last year. A total of 431582 new Weilai cars have been delivered.

Since the beginning of this year, there has been a continuous price war in the domestic car market, and the "war situation" in the new energy vehicle market is particularly fierce. After entering the fourth quarter, some brands take the initiative to lower the prices of products on sale and continue to seek "price for volume". In the just-concluded Guangzhou auto show, a number of brand new models are competing to appear on the market, and the starting price is still "rolled up". In this context, delivery volume remains high while maintaining the basic stability of the price system, so its delivery data is very gold, and continues to maintain a leading position in the field of high-end pure electricity.

Technology accumulation builds competitive advantage, and Ulai continues to lead the high-end pure electricity market.

As the first intelligent electric vehicle brand in the world to complete the vertical switching of the technology platform, Ulai has always maintained a leading position in the high-end pure electricity market.

The latest data show that from January to October this year, Xilai accounted for 60.6 per cent of the high-end pure electricity market with an average transaction price of more than 300000. Among them, Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai region accounts for 51.0% of the country's total sales, and the average transaction price in Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai region is more than 300000, accounting for 54.6% of the high-end pure electricity market. According to data, from January to October this year, the growth rate of sales far exceeded that of traditional luxury brands, including BBA.

At present, Xilai has officially entered a strong product cycle, and 8 second-generation technology platform models on sale have formed the strongest product matrix, which can fully meet the diversified needs of users in the price range of 300000-600000, covering the main selling market in which BBA accounts for 80% of sales. The second-generation platform models, including the new ES6, the new ES8, the ET5 and the ET5T, continue to explode, making a beautiful "combination" of sales, helping to maintain high sales.

The above achievements are closely related to the product and technological leadership accumulated by Weilai's long-term R & D investment. Over the past five years, Weilai has invested more than 30 billion yuan in R & D, making it the largest R & D investment among the new forces.

On the "NIO IN 2023 Innovation and Technology Day", the Lai system demonstrated its layout of 12 full-stack technologies and actions for smart electric vehicles. " The full stack of Weilai Technology covers the panorama of intelligent electric vehicle business, including: chip and on-board smart hardware, battery system, electric drive and high voltage system, vehicle engineering, vehicle global operating system, panoramic interconnection, smart driving, intelligent cockpit, smart energy, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence and global digital operations, 12 key technology areas, such as intelligence, electric, automobile, products, services, community, etc. Multi-brand, multi-platform, multi-regional three dimensions, nine elements of R & D and operation needs. Many of the technical achievements have led the whole industry.

The effective application of R & D results also makes Weilai have excellent product quality. In July this year, ET5 and EL7 (ES7 for the Chinese market) both won the Euro NCAP European Association for New car Safety Evaluation, one of the most authoritative safety testing institutions in the automotive industry (new 2023 regulation). Since the new rules were put into effect, Xilai is the first car brand to achieve a five-star safety rating. In October, ET5 Touring (ET5T for China) became the third model to receive a five-star safety rating of Euro NCAP (new regulation 2023). In addition, the new ES6 is the only one with a comprehensive evaluation of all G (excellent) among more than 60 models.

At present, Xilai has set up R & D and production facilities in Shanghai, Hefei, Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, San Jose, Munich, Oxford, Berlin, Budapest and Singapore. By the end of October 2023, a total of 7600 patents were pending and granted worldwide.

Enterprises can continue to make progress and create a "high-speed rail line" for the new energy industry.

Since its inception, Weilai has always adhered to the concept of long-term development, around the whole scene, the whole product life cycle, continuous innovation for the promotion of user experience, leading scientific and technological change. Relying on Weilaiyun technology, Weilai has built a "rechargeable and upgradable" energy service system to provide car owners with full-scene power-up services. Among them, Weilai power exchange mode has a strong influence in the industry, and ushered in the same industry partners.

On November 21, Changan Automobile and Weilai signed a cooperation agreement on power exchange business in Chongqing. The two sides will cooperate in promoting the establishment of battery standards, the construction and sharing of exchange network, the research and development of replacement models, and the establishment of an efficient battery asset management mechanism.

On November 29, Geely Holdings and Xilai signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou. The two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation in the areas of battery standards, technology, network construction and operation, R & D and customization of replacement models, battery asset management and operation, etc. According to the cooperation agreement between Geely and Weilai, the cooperation between Geely and Weilai will be carried out simultaneously between the "private car" and the "operating car", which means that the commercial value of the power exchange mode at both ends B and C has been shown.

In fact, since 2020, a number of national departments have issued a number of documents to promote the construction of power exchange network and standard system, encourage the promotion and application of power exchange mode, and promote the formulation of standards such as on-board power exchange system, general platform and battery pack for pure electric vehicles, so as to maximize the use of resource efficiency. The cooperation between Changan Automobile, Geely Holdings and Weilai is in line with the development direction of national new infrastructure and new energy, will accelerate the process of power exchange technology standardization and large-scale exchange network, and contribute to the low-carbon transformation of the automobile industry.

Under the mutual influence of the information age and the fourth industrial revolution, China is no less inferior to the traditional developed countries in many fields. In the field of new infrastructure, China's high-speed rail has formed a network scale, which not only promotes regional economic development, but also creates considerable benefits, and realizes the export of technology to the outside world. Just like the construction of high-speed rail that has been painstakingly laid out for many years, tracing back to the road of power exchange in Lailai, from infrastructure first to the realization of internal closed-loop operation, to opening up and sharing to the industry, to the formation of network effect, the "high-speed rail line" has been reappeared in the field of smart electric vehicles.

The continuous layout of Weilai charging and replacement business, and the continuous investment and innovation of superimposed products, technology and services will change from quantitative change to qualitative change, and work together to accumulate strong potential energy for the overall upward development of the enterprise. And this is the result of Weilai's adherence to long-term doctrine.

On November 20, on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the founding of Weilai, Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO, launched an internal speech and Q & A for the whole staff. When talking about long-term doctrine, Li Bin said that in order to cope with the fierce competition, Weilai has also made internal preparations in all aspects and "pay close attention to implementation."

Li Bin believes that long-term doctrine is not opposed to short-term execution, and long-term doctrine is not an excuse for not doing a good job in short-term implementation, just as every step of a marathon needs to be run well. To pursue not only short-term success, but also to pursue and continue to build long-term competitiveness. "long-term doctrine is to think clearly about the underlying logic of things, think clearly about long-term goals, but implement them step by step to achieve them."

In Li Bin's view, the qualifying competition in the new energy market has entered its final stage, and the next two years will be the most competitive stage, and the priority for the next two years is to ensure long-term investment in core key technologies, and to maintain the leading edge in technology and products, to ensure that sales and service capabilities can cope with fierce market competition, focus on efficient implementation and enhance system capabilities. From this point of view, according to the concept of Weilai, to do a good job of implementation, long-term doctrine will not be an empty talk.

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