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For the record of the animated movie "the Summer of the Little Monster" in the popular chapter of "Chinese fantastic Tan"

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Shulou( Report--

Thank you for the handwritten clues delivered by netizens!, December 1 (Xinhua)-- according to the notice of the National Film Administration's national screenplay filing and project announcement, the animated film "the Summer of the Little Monster" has passed the shooting application.

Summary: this film tells the story of an unknown demon abandoning the secret and overturning the monster's lair. In the process, he gradually realizes right and wrong and is intended to express the warmth and kindness of human nature.

At the beginning of this year, the domestic animation short story series "Chinese Strange Tan" triggered a craze, and the first episode, "the Summer of the Little Monster", became a masterpiece with a high degree of discussion.

"China Qitan" officially announced in June this year: "in this long dream, the pig demon may have a different life."... the production of the movie version has been officially launched, please look forward to it! "

In addition, the second season of "Chinese fantastic Tam" was officially launched in June this year, and the "Qitan Universe" will be expanded in the future.

Wang Jianer, chairman of Shanghai Film Group, revealed in the China Film report program on CCTV6 that classic animated films such as "New Snow Child", "New scruffy King" and "Impala Flying Crossing" are also under production, according to

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