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MSI LGA1700 platform BIOS update, i9-14900K one-button overclocking

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Thanks to netizen 10GbE for the clue delivery! December 1 news, MSI announced today that a number of MSI Z690 / Z790 motherboards have opened the "one-button super 6GHz" function after updating BIOS. attached WeChat LGA1700 platform BIOS updates are as follows:

Weixing said that when CPU wants to overclock to 6.1 to 6.3G, it only needs to set the function frequency in the BIOS. This setting can be set intelligently without manual control, but it should be noted that only i9-14900K processors support this feature, which is not supported by other models. In addition to CPU support, the motherboard must also be strong enough to require motherboards such as MPG and MEG for performance.

In addition, this BIOS update includes not only Z690 and Z790 series, but also B660, B760 and H610 motherboards, which are optimized for CPU microcode, secure startup, overclocking mechanism and APO functions. The new BIOS also optimizes Intel's APO function. When the APO function is turned on at 14700K and 14900K, the data shows a significant increase in the number of frames in individual games, such as "Rainbow 6: siege" and "Metro: leaving".

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