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Moore Thread, a domestic graphics card manufacturer, has been approved to set up a postdoctoral research station.

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Thanks to netizens Thorn_Flower and Cainiao N for the clue delivery! news on December 1, Moore Thread official account announced tonight that Moore Thread was awarded a "postdoctoral Research Workstation" during the recent "Conference on promoting postdoctoral Power in the process of Chinese-style Modernization" and the summary of the Beijing Division of the second National postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

According to ▲ source Moore Thread, this award marks a major breakthrough in the construction of platforms such as full-function GPU scientific research innovation and high-end personnel training.

Moore Thread said that the establishment of postdoctoral research workstations is of great significance in promoting the deep integration of industry-university-research, attracting more high-level scientific research personnel, and promoting the transformation and sustainable development of their own scientific and technological achievements. It will also become a powerful way for Moore thread to flexibly introduce highly sophisticated talents, solve technical problems, and realize transformation and upgrading.

In the future, Moore Thread will also promote postdoctoral talents and contribute to national scientific and technological innovation by participating in applications for important topics and key projects, continuing to publish high-quality academic papers or applying for scientific research patents, strengthening close cooperation with partners, and strengthening the integration of industry and research, based on the existing full-function GPU R & D strength. Note: postdoctoral research workstations refer to organizations that can recruit and train postdoctoral researchers with approval in enterprises, scientific research and production institutions and special regional institutions.

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