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Vivo attended the 2023 Open Atomic developer Conference, and General artificial Intelligence led a new era of the operating system

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The 2023 Open Atom Developers Conference, an annual developer event led by the Open Atom Open Source Conference (hereinafter referred to as the Conference), was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province on December 16-17. Vivo, as a partner of this conference, was invited to participate in the opening ceremony. At the same time, as a core member unit of the Open Atom Developers Conference, vivo actively promotes the establishment of a fast application ecosystem branch, builds an operating system software ecosystem with the industry, and helps the software ecosystem prosper.

Photo: 2023 Open Atom Developers Conference Site

Yang Chun, General Manager of vivo Software System Integration Department and General Director of Blue River Operating System, gave an opening speech on the theme of "General Artificial Intelligence Leading the New Era of Operating System" at the meeting, and expressed core views on the development prospect of AI and the technical concept of Blue Heart Model and Blue River System. "With the vigorous development of AI, AI must be combined with various forms of terminal equipment to form a new intelligent experience. The combination of artificial intelligence and terminal equipment will form a new intelligent experience, and the future operating system will be more diversified. At the same time, it will usher in comprehensive changes in interaction mode, application ecology and technical architecture. Based on the above thinking, we insist on independent research and development of operating system, and actively participate in the wave of ecological construction. "

Picture: Yang Chun, General Manager of vivo Software System Integration Department and General Director of Blue River Operating System, delivered a keynote speech

AI and terminal devices combine to bring a more intelligent and diverse operating system experience

On November 1,2023, vivo released the self-developed blue-heart large model matrix, which includes three parameter magnitudes of one billion, ten billion and underwear. There are 5 self-developed large models in total, which have the characteristics of large and complete, strong algorithm, true safety, self-evolution and wide open source. They comprehensively cover the core scenes and lead the industry in model capability. Vivo also took the lead in opening up the 7 billion parameter level Blue Heart Model 7B and the corresponding fine-tuning framework. Developers can fine-tune based on Blue Heart Model 7B, develop models and applications suitable for their own business, and conduct commercial trials. Based on the above thinking, vivo has released Blue River Operating System, an independently developed intelligent operating system built over the years. It has three characteristics: inherently smarter, inherently smoother and inherently safer.

Photo: 2023 Open Atom Developers Conference Site

Smart, smooth, safe, blue river defines the future of the operating system

As an intelligent operating system independently developed in the era of general artificial intelligence, Blue River Operating System expands multimodal input and output modes based on the ability of AI large model at the intelligent level, and supports multiple recognition paths such as sound, picture and text. At the same time, Blue River operating system supports a new paradigm for application development. It can realize AI service engine and multi-mode input subsystem, and has many new applications of intelligent operating system. It can provide code generation and graphic generation capabilities as well as customization of system vision such as theme and wallpaper. It is an essential tool for emerging productivity and creativity.

Picture: Three characteristics of Blue River operating system: born smarter, born smoother and born safer

In order to further improve the fluency of the system, vivo, on the one hand, ensures that the Blue River system can run on very low-configuration devices; on the other hand, starting from full-stack technology, has made breakthroughs in five key technical directions: operating system programming language, Runtime, super co-programming mechanism, virtual graphics framework and memory management algorithm, realizing a series of key technologies, significantly improving the operating efficiency and making the system more smooth and easy to use.

According to industry data, about 70% of serious security vulnerabilities in operating systems are related to improper use of memory, and it is difficult to completely solve security vulnerabilities. In this regard, vivo chose Rust as the development language of the system framework, becoming the first operating system written in this language in the industry. The advantage of Rust is that it can detect security problems caused by improper memory use at the compilation stage, and ensure memory security and concurrency security from the source.

Photo: 2023 Open Atom Developers Conference Site

In addition, Blue River operating system adopts BlueXlink connection technology based on distributed design concept. This framework is widely compatible with industry standard protocols, serving smart home, smart travel, smart office and other scenarios, and supporting IoT intelligent connection experience of Blue River operating system.

Digital transformation promotes the rise of open source, scientific and technological innovation promotes the future of industry

Cultivating open source ecology is the key task of the national software development strategy. The 14th Five-Year Plan of the People's Republic of China brings open source into the long-term goal for the first time. Under the general trend of digital transformation, basic software and hardware have become an important link related to national security. Now, China has become the largest open source application market in the world. As a core member unit, vivo promoted the establishment of the Fast Application Ecology Branch of China Software Association to jointly build fast application technology standards. In 2021, the source code implementation of the fast application technology standard was officially donated to the Open Atom Open Source Conference and became the incubation project hapjs. In 2023, the number of devices supporting hapjs fast application technology standards in the industry has exceeded 1.5 billion. The self-developed Blue River operating system released by vivo this year is also compatible with this ecological standard and will build an operating system software ecosystem with the industry.

In the future, vivo will continue to deeply cultivate in the field of scientific and technological innovation, cooperate with ecological partners, fully promote industrial ecological construction, and contribute to the prosperity and development of the industry.

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