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OPPO announces ColorOS 14 & # 215; Android 14 upgrade adaptation plan this month, 35 models will be launched soon

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Zhao Lidong and soft media Xinyou 1933769 for their clue delivery!, December 1, this evening, OPPO announced a December upgrade adaptation plan for ColorOS 14 × Android 14.

The is summarized as follows:

The official version of 35 models will be launched soon.

December 7: Find X5 Pro celestial version, one plus Ace2, one plus Ace Pro, Reno10 Pro+, one plus Ace 2V, one plus Ace2 original god customized gift box, one plus Ace Pro original limited edition, Reno8 Pro+

December 8: OPPO Pad 2

December 14: K11x, A1

December 20: Reno10

December 21: one plus Ace 2 Pro, Reno9, K10x, A1 Pro; one plus Ace 2 Pro original God Pimon theme gift box, K11, K10 vitality version

December 27: Find X3 Pro, Find X3 Pro photographer version, one plus 9 Pro, one plus 9RT, Reno8 Pro

December 28: one plus Ace, Reno10 Pro, K10 Pro, one plus Ace race version, Reno10 Pro star version, K10.

The official version of 11 models has been launched

Find N2, Find X6 Pro, Find X5 Pro, one plus 11, one plus 10 Pro, Reno9 Pro, Find N2 Flip, Find X6, Find X5, one plus 11 Jupiter Rock Limited Edition, Reno9 Pro+.

2 models are about to start public testing.

December 26: Find N3, Find N3 Flip.

Upgrade method:

Click Settings > about this Machine > Top version Information (above "Mobile name") > Settings button in the upper right corner > Taste Application > ColorOS 14 official version to upgrade.

It should be noted that the official version of ColorOS 14 is pushed step by step. The above display time is the opening time of the official version, not the full push time.

As previously reported by, OPPO ColorOS 14, which was released on November 16, is based on Android 14 with a new "fluid Cloud Notification" design, which instantly displays information controls in the notification bar, supports a variety of devices (mobile phones, tablets, watches, etc.), and provides an adaptive development framework that claims to be "available for multiple users at a time".

ColorOS 14 adds a "transit station" function, which claims to be "super temporary storage space across devices", and claims that the system supports more than 60 file formats.

In addition, OPPO officials also invited Microsoft Global Partners to introduce the new "Phone Link" function of the system, which allows mobile phones to seamlessly connect with computers to achieve more efficient cross-end collaboration, and the device's "portable workbench" function, which claims that users can search, access, edit and share software on OPPO devices on browsers on any device as long as they log on to their personal accounts.

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