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Shanghai deployed and launched the "Qinglang Pujiang Network hostility rectification" special campaign, with the participation of 30 platforms, including bilibili and Xiao Hongshu.

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Thanks to netizens Xiao Zhan cut, Mr. Aviation, West window old story, soft media users 1520111 clue delivery! news on December 2, according to the Shanghai official account, on the afternoon of November 29, the Shanghai Internet Information Office deployed and launched an one-month "Qinglang Pujiang Network hostility rectification" special campaign. A total of 30 websites, including Little Red Book, bilibili, Himalaya, Migu Video, Soul, Tiger Pop, Cub ZEPETO, and Bixin, participated, covering social networking, short videos, live streaming and other key platform types. noted that the special action focuses on cracking down on the following seven outstanding problems: "online toilet", "open the box and hang people", malicious slander by means of social hot events, rumor-mongering attacks, stigmatization of specific groups, incitement of geographical antagonism, fierce competition and other vulgar and undesirable live broadcast behaviors, organized malicious abuse and reporting of others, fabrication of network slang, malicious obstruction, and incitement of extreme emotions on the Internet. We will resolutely punish a number of illegal accounts, groups and website platforms to effectively curb the spread of online hostility.

It is required to consolidate the main responsibility of the website platform, focus on key links, sections and functions, deeply find loopholes, improve the system and mechanism for preventing and controlling network hostility, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of netizens, and maintain a good network ecology.

In the next step, the Shanghai Internet Information Office will take more measures to implement special rectification in the form of classified guidance, exposing typical cases, and holding theme forums, so as to promote the whole society to resist network hostility and jointly create a harmonious and friendly network environment.

Previously, the Central Internet Information Office launched an one-month "Qinglang Network hostility rectification" campaign nationwide on November 17, focusing on shutting down a number of account groups with serious violations and bad impact:

1. Strictly investigate and deal with illegal accounts, groups and posts. Conduct an in-depth investigation of high-risk accounts and groups, resolutely ban accounts and groups with the themes of "network toilet", "unpacking people" and "trampling", seriously investigate and deal with anchor accounts that organize fierce competition and live broadcast, strictly punish "self-media" accounts that publish "title party" content and deliberately incite network hostility, and focus on shutting down a number of circles named with insulting words and network hostility, hypertext and posting. Take off the shelves and close the shops that provide paid scolding and other services.

two。 Strictly investigate and deal with violation function settings. Strengthen the management of key functions such as live barrage, joint broadcasting and competition, and resolutely clean up and deal with the content of network hostility. Focus on canceling a batch of functional applications that organize malicious reports. It is forbidden to push "online toilet" accounts to users through functions such as "relevant recommendations", "TA following" and "people who may be interested". Strengthen the examination and management of memes, P-puzzles, video clips, AI synthesis and other functions, and clean up emojis, pictures and videos that contain parody attacks and provoke antagonism.

3. Strictly investigate and deal with illegal platform links. Urge the website platform to strengthen the management of lists, topics, recommendations, comments, private messages and other links, and strictly prohibit the promotion of content inciting and promoting online hostility in lists and recommendations, and reduce private message harassment by setting up "private message folding" and "message box". For websites, App and Mini Program with outstanding problems, punishment measures such as rectification within a time limit, fines, suspension of related functions, shutdown and removal shall be taken in accordance with the law.

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