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The preview of DC animation "suicide Squad in another World" is made public, Harry Quinn and the clown go to another world.

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Shulou( Report--, December 2 (Xinhua)-- A new trailer for DC's "suicide team in another World" has been released by PV, which is expected to be broadcast and released in 2024.

Suicide Squad in another World is a new original animation released by Warner Brothers and WIT STUDIO in Japan. The production of the work itself was announced in July this year, and the information about the character vision, the main actors and the theme at the beginning of the film are now also made public. noted that in the trailer PV, acquaintances from the live-action suicide Squad movie have appeared one after another, and the main roles and cast announced this time are as follows:

Harry Quinn (Anna Nagase)

Clown (Koichiro Miehara)

Death Sagittarius (Luigo Yamaguchi)

Messengers of Peace (Zi Anwu)

Mud face (Fukuyama run)

Shark King (Kimura Takashi)

Nagata is the director, Yue Daping and Mei Yuanying, the screenwriter of Re: life in a different World from scratch, is responsible for the composition and script of the series, and Amano is responsible for the character design of the original film.

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