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The angler drew pictures with a fishing rod, and sure enough, he could catch anything but fish.

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I've heard that fishermen have caught all kinds of strange things, including corpses and crocodile cubs, but I didn't expect anyone to fish for works of art with fishing poles.

The brother who owns this avatar, named Ben Miller, saw him flying back and forth in the air with a flying fishing rod in his hand:

Unfortunately, although the fishing rod dance is airtight, but the shadow of the fish has not been seen. Of course, he is not really fishing, he is seriously drawing a picture with a fishing rod, even though he is standing a few meters away from the drawing board:

At first glance, his swing looks like practicing a six-pulse sword against a target, and the movement of his shoulder reminds me of an old friend from time to time.

So, does he paint well?

It can only be said that it is quite abstract. On a closer look, it looks like a mud idea spattered by the rear wheel of a bicycle on a rainy day. It feels like I can get on me.

But if you adjust the angle of view a little further, you can find that it is the current and rocks in front of you in the painting.

With his beating, the picture is gradually close to the scenery behind, the arc of flying fishing is just like the surging current, and the disorderly colors gradually correspond to the stones on the ground.

When the painting is placed on the bank of the river, it seems that the picture is in harmony with nature, and it is obvious that the color has been carefully considered. Although it is very abstract, it seems that the finished product is very natural and does have something.

It just seems that it takes a good eye to draw in this way, otherwise you don't even know what you're drawing.

This unique way of painting is naturally developed by Ben Miller himself, combining his favorite childhood hobbies with his own professional work. The old man learned to fish from his father when he was young, and became an art teacher when he grew up, with a certain artistic background, and "River" is his favorite subject.

At first, he also honestly depicted the fish swimming in the water in a realistic way on the canvas. With the continuous investment, he was gradually attracted more and more deeply by the sun, rock, riverbed and current, and wanted to try more forms of expression.

In the flash of inspiration, he thought of two things, one is fishing, and the other is his own smelly socks.

So he put up a canvas in the backyard, then daubed paint on his socks, attached them to a fishing rod nearly three meters long, and began to paint in space, which has been the outrageous way ever since.

This work of art should have a unique taste. If you take a sip and scratch it, you won't have to wash your socks.

Of course, he doesn't always paint with socks and fishing poles, and his painting tools are being updated as he continues to experiment. For example, the canvas can not withstand his beating at all, it needs stronger material, and if you want to draw a different pattern, you have to change the brush.

Generally speaking, his creation first depends on the location, and once he has chosen the location, he has to judge the light and weather conditions, and then begins to prepare pigments according to the colors of the world in front of him.

More than half of his painting aids are related to fishing tools, such as fish baskets filled with different paints.

Ben Miller is very sensitive in color, especially good at the combination of brown and green. He would squeeze the paint on a palette, then find the "brush" he wanted to use, dip it into the paint, wave a fishing rod and start painting.

In order to draw a variety of patterns, the "brushes" on the fishing rod are also varied, such as wool, plastic, cotton, these materials will be squeezed into various shapes, some are used to paint stones in the water, some to paint algae, spray.

It's just that after some materials are painted, they look quite strange.

When everything was ready, Ben Miller would paint for hours at a time, sometimes for a day. During this period, you will constantly change the "brush" on the fishing rod, adjust the intensity of the stroke, and draw a sharper or smoother flow. Not only should the fishing rod be swung up, but the distribution of pigments should also be accurate.

So this is also a manual task, he may need to swing the fishing rod thousands of times in a few hours, in the continuous accumulation of colors, and finally finish the description of the river.

I feel that this method of painting is similar to that of a dark device, and it is very difficult just to throw the fishing rod accurately.

Ben Miller also has some fame because of his unique painting skills, holding various exhibitions, and because of the outstanding colors of his works, and some clothing brands will be associated with his works.

But the most outrageous thing is that he is misunderstood to be fishing, especially during the fishing ban, which is often questioned by the police. after all, he does look more like an Air Force fisherman than an abstract artist who draws with a fishing pole.

From this point of view, he is indeed "fishing", but this "fish" is a crowd of onlookers like me. And when someone is attracted to him, the work naturally becomes a work of art.

Of course, for these artists, it seems that everything in the world can be used to paint. For example, an American brother named Michael Papadakis likes to use the sun as a paintbrush:

When creating, this brother will wave all kinds of magnifying glasses in the sun, and as the wood is scorched, the paintings will be formed.

Artist Simon Berger's brush is a hammer. Instead of making sculptures with hammers, he paints portraits by tapping on the glass.

This method of painting requires a lot of patience, because a little carelessness will knock the work into pieces.

The most outrageous is the artist Albert Zakirov, whose way of playing is even more controversial because his paintbrush is naked.

Albert Zakirov will put paint on the model, and then take the model to rub on the canvas, during which the model is also free to play, such as waving her legs while being held, leaving traces on the picture.

The artist said that he didn't know what he was going to paint before he started creating, and what he ended up painting depended on the inspiration inspired by seeing the model. Of course, in the end, most people didn't see what he drew, so they saw him holding a beautiful woman, so many people criticized that it was not art.

It is hard to say whether it is art or not, it is this way of adjusting colors, it really looks a little too much.

This article is from the official account of Wechat: mad Pill Research Institute (ID:kuangwanplay), author: mad Maru

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