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NASA announces suspension of scientific observation mission of Hubble Space Telescope due to gyroscope failure

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Shulou( Report--, December 2 (Xinhua)-- NASA announced today that the Hubble Space Telescope suspended all scientific observation missions after a gyroscope malfunction occurred on November 19.

Of the three gyroscopes assisted by the Hubble Space Telescope, one returned an erroneous reading on November 19, putting it into safe mode.

When the team found the problem, it quickly took action to fix it. However, the gyroscope was unstable, causing the system to enter safe mode twice on November 21 and November 23. Note: NASA says it is currently working to find out what caused the Hubble gyroscope malfunction, and the last gyroscope replacement dates back to 2009.

NASA officials have not released any details, but the agency believes Hubble will survive the current era and may even enter the next decade.

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