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Josiber released D300 M-ATX chassis: curved curved glass design, supporting back insertion of motherboard

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery! December 2 news, Josiber has now released the D300 M-ATX chassis, using 270 °integrated curved surface toughened glass design, support MATX back-plugging motherboard, black version 399 yuan, white version 449 yuan. finishing Joss D300 M-ATX chassis parameters are as follows:

The chassis size is 236.4mm (W) * 420.9mm (H) * 460.2mm (D). According to the official, Joseber D300 is a D301 sister model, using curved surface integrated bending to look around the toughened glass design, provides 270-degree ultra-wide view display hardware, R angle transition natural elegant and round, top cover and topline side using large area MESH fine holes combined with 10 groups of fans, a variety of combinations of heat dissipation, taking into account light efficiency and air duct, 5-bit PCI slot design more friendly support 40 series graphics card installation.

In terms of compatibility, this motherboard supports the M-ATX motherboard, the power supply supports the ATX model within the 200mm, and the length of the graphics card supports up to 430mm CPU radiator 180mm. The fan position is as follows:

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