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National Space Weather Monitoring and early warning Center: geomagnetic activity continues and small to moderate geomagnetic storms may occur next Monday

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 2, the National Space Weather Monitoring and early warning Center official account "Space Weather" published an article this afternoon that from 17:00 on December 1 to 8 on December 2, Beijing time, affected by the solar coronal mass ejection (CME) outbreak, the earth had three hours of geomagnetic storms with Kp (Kp index used to measure geomagnetic storm intensity) of 7, three hours of moderate geomagnetic storms with Kp of 6, and nine hours of small geomagnetic storms. At present, geomagnetic activity is still ongoing.

The National Space Weather Monitoring and early warning Center also said that according to the latest monitoring and forecast, a small to moderate geomagnetic storm may occur on December 4 due to the combined influence of the high speed solar wind in the solar coronal hole and CME on December 1.

According to reports, this is the seventh geomagnetic activity at the level of geomagnetic storms this year after February 27, March 23, 24, April 23, 24, and September 19. Note: magnetic storms are strong disturbances that last from ten to dozens of hours in the whole earth's magnetosphere. It is caused by solar activity. When the sun ejects a large number of charged particles into the earth's atmosphere, it causes ionospheric disturbance and sharp and irregular changes in the intensity and direction of the geomagnetic field.

When magnetic storms occur, the disturbance intensity is the highest in the polar regions, which is often accompanied by auroras. Due to the ionospheric disturbance caused by the magnetic storm, the radio waves used in normal communication cannot return to the ground; in serious cases, the shortwave radio communication is even completely interrupted, and the direction of the compass needle is also affected.

Under this influence, the altitude of the orbit of the space station may drop due to atmospheric drag, the error of satellite navigation equipment may increase, and aviation flight will face the double risk of deteriorating communication environment and cross-polar radiation. For the public, especially homing pigeon players and auroral enthusiasts, we should always pay attention to space weather information in the next few days.

Comprehensive previously reported that under the influence of this round of geomagnetic storms, there were auroras and brilliant colors in Beijing, Mohe, Tahe, Daqing, Hulunbuir, Zhangjiakou, Chengde and other places yesterday (December 1) night, and many people photographed this spectacle.

Li Zheng, an engineer at the National Astronomical Observatory, said that this is the first time that auroras have been recorded simultaneously on a large scale in the city since the introduction of photography.

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