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Capcom executives: there will be more "biochemical Evil" series reproductions in the future

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Langley and OC_Formula for the clue delivery!, December 2 (Xinhua)-- during the recent PlayStation partner Awards in Japan, Anbo Yasuhiro, director of Biohazard 4: remake, announced that the company will announce a remake of the next "biochemical Evil" in due course, according to IGN.

When asked if Capcom wanted to continue to make a remake of biochemical Evil, an Bao Kang Hong gave a positive answer: "Yes." So far, we have launched three remake games, all of which have been well received because they can be played by modern audiences. ( Note: biochemical Evil 2, 3, 4). As a person who likes these old games, I am happy to do so and hope to continue to do more. "

At the same time, security Kang Hong also revealed that the next remade "biochemical crisis" series of games will be released in the future, please look forward to.

Fans have long been calling for a remake of the Sega Dreamcast classic "biochemical Evil: code name Veronica", which has been sold on Xbox 360and PlayStation 3, the report said.

In addition, other popular options include the original "biochemical Evil", "biochemical Evil 0" and the more action-oriented "biochemical Evil 5".

Anbao Kanghong said that the remaking of the "biochemical Evil" series was widely praised mainly because some players had played the original game and the players enthusiastically expressed their opinions, so that the team could develop remade works according to the players' ideas.

Liangzhang Ping, the producer of Biohazard 4: remaking, also said in an interview that it is good to use Capcom's own RE engine to remake the game. "sharing information among teams does greatly improve the speed of development," he said in an interview. At the same time, it also indicates that Capcom plans to continue to use the RE engine in future projects.

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