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The 10th Anniversary of AAC Technology and Redmi! Continue to create a beautiful perceptual experience

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Shulou( Report--

From 2013 to 2023, Redmi went through the first decade of its journey.

During the ten-year journey, as a long-term partner of Redmi, AAC has never been absent. Over the past decade, AAC has participated in almost every model of every series of Redmi; over the past decade, AAC and Redmi have grown rapidly together to overcome the difficulties of many industries and continue to polish cutting-edge products in the market; over the past decade, AAC has innovated and cooperated with Redmi in touch, acoustics, optics and other fields to promote universal technology and create a better perceptual experience for many consumers.

Facing the new decade, Redmi and Chinese supply chain partners jointly launched the "2 trillion New Grand Plan". AAC Technology will take scientific and technological innovation as the engine, continue to climb to the peak, and jointly promote the development of the science and technology industry chain!

Pan Kaitai, executive vice president and chief innovation officer of AAC Technology, said: "over the past decade, Redmi has continuously put forward high standards and innovative product concepts, pushing us to break through bottlenecks in technology, manufacturing, design and supply chain management. In the new decade, we will continue to work with Redmi to spread the good experience brought by inclusive technology to the world."

On the evening of November 29, at the 10th Anniversary of Redmi and the launch of the K70 Series New products, Redmi unveiled three "masterpieces" of the K70 universe: K70, K70 Pro and K70E, as the starting point of the new decade of Redmi, comprehensively improving the flagship performance experience baseline.

In terms of sound, the K70 is equipped with the "superlinear stereo double loudspeaker" solution of AAC technology. Among them, the SLS loudspeakers under the K70 series bring shocking external sound effects and rich high-fidelity sound quality by virtue of AAC's original superlinear technology, and cooperate with the SLS superlinear loudspeakers above to help the K70 series create a broad stereo space and bring users an immersive sound experience such as on-the-spot sound.

In terms of touch, K70 is equipped with AAC RichTap ®software and hardware integrated tactile solution. As the hardware foundation, high-performance X-axis linear motor creates a high-quality and personalized tactile experience for the K70 series; with the support of RichTap ®tactile solution, the K70 series not only adapts to more than 100 kinds of high-quality vibration effects in the surging OS, but also further adds to the industry's broadest high-quality tactile ecosystem to meet users' needs for high-quality vibration experiences in a variety of content software, such as input method, social networking, game audio and video, etc.

In terms of sound pickup, the K70 is equipped with AAC small-size high-performance analog microphones. The microphone can achieve excellent sound detail capture in a noisy environment, and the K70 series can provide a clear and stable voice experience when users are in the noisy outdoors for calls, audio recording, video shooting, voice command recognition and other operations.

In terms of heat dissipation, the whole system of K70 evolved. Among them, K70 and K70 Pro are equipped with innovative ice-sealed circulating cold pumps, which continue to "calm" output strong performance, using self-developed heat dissipation technology, AAC technology to participate in research and development and assist in the landing of this technology. The "ice-sealed circulating cold pump" has a unidirectional circulation structure, which can greatly improve the cold liquid transfer speed, and at the same time realize the gas-liquid separation design through independently designed steam and liquid channels, resulting in a more efficient heat dissipation cycle. After testing, compared with the traditional VC, the heat dissipation capacity of the "ice-sealed circulating cold pump" is increased by 300%, and its volume is lighter and thinner, and it is more friendly to the internal stack of the model.

The K70E model is upgraded to be equipped with Redmi oversized 5000mm ²electric competition grade stainless steel VC, which is tailor-made by AAC Technology. Compared with the previous generation, the heat conduction area of the K70E model has been increased by up to 26.6%, helping K70E to be more sustainable and stronger under its strong performance.

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