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With the heinous self-built scene of the classic game "Tank Battle", there is no hope that the cooperation will pass.

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Was there any player in the "Tank Battle" who could cooperate in customs clearance? I guess not!

This game doesn't seem to be suitable for two players to play together. In the case of limited resources, players will disagree because of the distribution of props. Some players even point their guns at their companions in order to seize resources.

The game deliberately adds the setting that players can hurt each other, although it greatly improves the interaction and entertainment of the game, but it has also become the fuse of some players.

Players with a little temper will directly bomb the base to the dregs after being cheated. It would be nice for this kind of cooperation to pass the three hurdles.

Have you seen the authentic cassette?

Of course, there are some players who cooperate very well. When there are props to discuss how to distribute, useless props are not picked up, valuable props for people close to eat.

The two men each managed their own areas to prevent enemy soldiers from entering the rear. Of course, no matter how good the cooperation is, there are times when you fail. If we relax a little bit, we may sneak over a few tanks, directly causing the whole court to get out of control.

Enemy tanks are fast and AI high, as long as they come to the base, they will quickly break the bricks, while players can only watch the base be destroyed.

Unfortunately, the game can not be renewed, the life is lost or the base is destroyed. It is for this reason that not many players were able to really clear the customs. To know that the game has 35 levels, each level of the scene is different, the more behind the enemy soldiers are more and more fierce.

After the 35 level, we start from the first level, repeating the previous scene. At that time, we did not know that the 35 level was the last level, and each time we chose the 50 level directly.

There are three options at the beginning of the game, and construction is the essence of the game: self-built scenes. It was through this option that we created countless classic scenes. It took many years for players to find that everyone was so boring at that time, and many of the brain scenes were surprisingly consistent.

At that time, when we played the self-built scene, the first thing we did was to surround the base with steel. In this way, you can 100% guarantee that the base will not be attacked by enemy soldiers and prevent your teammates from destroying the base with cheap hands. And then find a way to control the movement range of the enemy soldiers.

The most commonly used is to pull out a river and seal all the enemy soldiers opposite at the exit. Although this kind of scenario is relatively more advantageous to us, it still has some risks.

It will be troublesome if you get a shovel. The steel fortress will turn into brick after a period of time. Once this happens, players can only use their bodies to take bullets.

After that, the players learned a little bit, so that the enemy soldiers completely lost their ability to move and were locked up directly at the exit. In this way, they all become lambs to be slaughtered, so players can dodge bullets.

I believe that every little friend has used this method.

The self-built scene, which is recognized as the best to use, is completely closed. Players can hit enemy soldiers, but enemy soldiers cannot fire bullets. This is the simplest and most effective scenario, and it is also one of the most frequently used ways for players to use it that year.

Unless there is infighting, it is unlikely to collapse.

To be honest, the simpler the scene in the game, the better. The moving position of the enemy soldiers is clear at a glance, there will be no fish out of the net, and it is more convenient for players to pick up props. And if the player complicates the scene, who will benefit?

Like the maze in the picture below, it is true that the enemy soldiers can be fooled around, but in the end, they find that they are the ones who suffer. Because every time the props appear, the player needs to run for half a day to reach the position. In the meantime, if the teammates do not give strength, the elimination of the red tank leads to the change of props, it will be in vain.

But we were really so bored at that time. Any garbage self-built scene can be repaired, it doesn't have to be good for you, just find it interesting.

I still remember that when we built scenes, we liked to target our teammates. I don't know how many players did this: seal their teammates at the base and own all the resources on their own.

With a little bit of luck, you can eat all the firepower in the self-built scene, or even eat 1UP, while 2P can only stay on the base and stare. Players with a bad temper will directly blow up the base at the beginning of the next level and start all over again.

There are several kinds of props in the game, namely: 1UP, bomb, pistol, boat, five-star, helmet, time and shovel, each with different effects. For players, only the most basic props such as 1UP and five stars (pistols) are enough, and the other props are just the icing on the cake.

In the later period, there are more revisions of "Tank Battle", and there are some differences in different versions of props. The original "Tank Battle" props were only 1UP, bomb, five-star, helmet, time and shovel. Players need to eat five stars three times if they want to get full firepower.

After a while, players have encountered versions of pistols that can be filled with firepower (some versions are five-star without frames). I don't know if the "pistol" is an official prop, but there seems to be no sense of disobedience.

And let's take a look at the icon of "ship". It is obviously different from the background color of other props. We can see at a glance that it is the props made by players in the later stage.

Although "ship" is not an official shooting, the player who can create this prop really has a certain image. After eating this prop, the range of movement of the player in the game is greatly increased, increasing the chances of victory.

Now we can play all kinds of Hack tank wars on the simulator, among which the more famous ones are missile tanks and Yantai tanks. In these games, enemy tanks can even eat our props and have the corresponding ability.

If they eat "body protection", there will also be invincible special effects to avoid injury for a long time. During this time, if the enemy soldiers are near the base, the player will collapse.

When we eat a shovel, we can strengthen the base, while when the enemy eats a shovel, the base will be completely exposed and can be blown up with one shot. In this kind of revised game, enemy tanks can also be upgraded, as long as you eat five stars and pistols, you can shoot super shells, and even the AI has been greatly improved, it is estimated that players want to die!

The most terrifying thing is to let the enemy eat time or bomb, time can make the enemy soldiers can not move, but also can make the player unable to move, mainly depends on who grabs, which greatly increases the randomness of the game. And the bomb is the Terminator of everything, and after eating it, it can wipe out the other party's army.

In fact, in the original version, many prop players disdain to eat. But because of this setting, players have to compete with the enemy for props. A little carelessness can lead to a devastating blow.

In the original version, there were only three red tanks, and players could eat up to three props per game. In the revised version of the game, the enemy soldiers on the entire screen are all red, and these red tanks are still glowing after being hit several times.

So we often see all kinds of props flying all over the place. Although these props look very attractive, but players do not dare to eat rashly, a careless may miss.

However, if we do not eat it, we are afraid that it will be eaten first by the enemy plane, resulting in the destruction of the whole army. It's still a little tangled!

The first time domestic players play "Tank Battle" should be on top of red and white machines! But you should know that the game was originally released on the arcade platform. Players who have played the arcade version will find that there is no difference between the two platforms'"Tank Battle" picture quality and game. the only difference is that there is no optional scene on the front page of the arcade version.

35 after clearance, although the display is 36 levels, but we can see that the scene has been restarted from level 1.

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