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Senior IT manager shares: the first step in choosing a remote control solution is to identify the requirements characteristics of the business scenario.

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Nowadays, remote control software has gradually become one of the necessary tools for enterprises. Whether it is IT operation and maintenance, telecommuting or enterprise technical support, the efficiency can be significantly improved by using remote control software.

So, how should the enterprise choose the appropriate enterprise-level remote control scheme? A senior IT manager recently shared his experience on the Internet. Let's take a look at it in detail.

Select the enterprise-level remote control solution step 1: the requirements characteristics of the core business scenario.

The background of the IT manager's need to purchase the remote control scheme is that the IT Department of the Group should strengthen the construction of remote capabilities in the current business links, improve the efficiency of business disposal, and at the same time reduce the impact on the basic business of the Group when the next event of force majeure occurs, the decision is made by the IT Director of the Group, and the specific procurement matters are taken care of by the IT Manager.

After the project is determined, the demand survey will be carried out in the form of e-mail inquiries, e-questionnaires, manager interviews, business front-line visits, and so on.

Which jobs in ● 's current business can be operated remotely? What must be done on site?

Is part of the work of ● already being done remotely? How does it work? How was the experience?

● in the front-line work, what problems have you encountered in remote operation? After the encounter, how to solve it?

Do you have any suggestions for ● Group to build remote capabilities in a unified way?

After research, basically identified the following core requirements, these requirements also have certain commonalities in the industry.

Demand commonness: reducing cost and increasing efficiency through remote control

Operation and maintenance of some advanced intelligent equipment in the production line: the operation and maintenance of this part of the equipment is very difficult and requires the assistance of the engineering department of the headquarters, and there is often a situation in which several senior engineers cooperate with the operation and maintenance. even occasionally invite the original engineers of the equipment suppliers to assist; some of the equipment systems are closed, unable to install third-party software.

Operation and maintenance of some automated unmanned equipment in the production line: there are a large number of such equipment, which are uniformly maintained by the operation and maintenance departments of each plant area, and require flexible equipment allocation and management, batch modification of remote configuration, and other capabilities; this kind of equipment is distributed all over the production line in the plant area, and a perfect scheme is needed to ensure the stability of the remote environment.

Centralized testing of batch products and equipment in the quality inspection department: sampling products for continuous operation and testing, remote monitoring capability is required, and some anomalies can be remotely and quickly checked to ensure that the test can be carried out smoothly.

The after-sales service department assists customers in debugging, operation and maintenance of product equipment: after the sale of some of the products of the group, customers need to complete some localized debugging in advance and often need remote assistance from engineers in the after-sales service department.

Daily telecommuting and remote assistance in various parts of the group: at present, many employees are already using some free remote control software to assist home work, as well as temporary assistance among colleagues; from the company's point of view, messy remote control tools lack unified management, and the remote process has blind spots in supervision, resulting in security risks.

Easily adapt to the demand, choose the national remote control sunflower

The above is the first step of the IT manager's introduction of how to purchase enterprise-level remote control solutions, that is, to clarify the use requirements, and the follow-up content is limited by the space we will introduce in the following content.

Finally, after evaluation, the IT manager chose Berry's enterprise-level sunflower remote control scheme, which can be well applied to many of the demand scenarios mentioned above.

Sunflower remote control provides solutions for three types of business scenarios, namely, IT operation and maintenance, enterprise telecommuting, and enterprise technical support, and provides enterprises with an integrated solution of lightweight IT operation and maintenance, management and technical support, covering intelligent industrial control, IT Internet, chain retail, wisdom, intelligent government and other industries to help enterprise users reduce costs and increase efficiency.

At present, the main carrier of sunflower enterprise service solution is "Sunflower Enterprise +" service. At the same time, Sunflower also provides privatization and SDK services for enterprise users with customized needs to help customers create remote control solutions that meet the needs of unique business scenarios.

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